Samsung Galaxy A50 Hands-On Philippines

Samsung Galaxy A50 Hands On
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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A50 Hands-On Philippines”

  1. jisooyaa__

    I was comparing this with RealMe 3 Pro . but Finally ! I had made my decision! This phone has a WOW factor with it ; from its design into its performance ❤️❤️

  2. Nicole Ledesma

    Been using this phone for a month. Thr phone works well with daily tasks. Storage and battery life is awesome. The only thing I hate is the slow fingerprint and face unlock feature. Although for its price and specs, I'm not gonna complain. Kudos to samsung 🙂

  3. Rheasourus YT

    For Thos who feel that the fingerprint Scanner is slow. Go to Setting and Add your same Fingerprint 3 times. It is a little bit faster than before.

    Edit: Oh I almost forgot , Make sure to update the software of your phone and reduce animations.

  4. Mishal Yusri

    I have nova 2i so i bought my samsung A50 yesterday impressive talaga siya until mapansin ko na mahina ang reception nya ng signal 4g and 3g ambagal nya sa data connection kaysa nova 2i ko, gamer kasi ako and i use data connection, nagsisi tuloy ako ito talaga problema sa samsung mahina phone nila when it comes sa data connection, i advise you guys kung mejo hindi malakas networks sa area nyo wag na kayo mag A50.

  5. Vhen Gerson Balandra

    I just have to share what I got while being bored.. If you want your fingerprint scanner to work somewhat "faster", register 1 finger 3 times on your biometric settings. I don't know if it works for you, but I experienced faster unlocking mechanism after that.

  6. wakh

    Even without using, the battery gets drained. My phone was still 56% when I slept but when I woke up it was down to 6%. I even optimized it before I went to bed.

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