samsung galaxy a51 📱| new phone | unboxing

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Hi!! In this video, I’m doing the unboxing of my new phone. My old one was way too old, so I bought a Samsung Galaxy A51. I’m really satisfied with my purchase.😊
Hope you enjoy it. 🥰

🛎️ products info
editing program: Premiere Pro
font: Choco Cooky
samsung theme: forest by mimi

Here is a list of some other themes I have downloaded (I have downloaded them all for free, but sometimes the price change) Open the link directly from you phone:
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Music provided by 샛별 Daystar
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24 Replies to “samsung galaxy a51 📱| new phone | unboxing”

  1. memil108

    Hi~ 💛 Please check out the description box for more info 😁❤

    If you are wondering why did I buy the case even if all Samsung phones come with a case, I have to say that I didn't know.😅 After I found out I checked, but there was none. Some subscribers told me that depending on the country you are in, you may or may not receive the cover. I guess my country is one of those that don't include the cover😂

  2. AK

    Hello 👋 I just subscribed to your amazing 👏 💗 channel 😀 ❤
    I love to watch your video's 😇 can you plz give the link of your wallpaper i just like 👍 💜

  3. westy_ besty

    How is your phone white?? I looked all over online and even in your description, but it does not display a white one and only displays a black one 🙁

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