Samsung Galaxy A51 – 51 Days Later!

So it’s been nearly 2 months with the Samsung Galaxy A51, and since so many of you were interested in the review I wanted to take some time to follow up on some new experiences I’ve had with the device and also see how it compares to all of the other midrange phones Samsung has released like the S10 Lite, Note 10 Lite, and more importantly the Galaxy A71. Thanks for watching!

Product Links ⬇️
Galaxy A51 (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy A51 (Amazon) ➡

Other Midrange Samsung Smartphones I Recommend! ⬇️
Galaxy A71 5G (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy A71 4G (Amazon) ➡
Galaxy S10 Lite (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy S10 Lite (Amazon) ➡
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Amazon) ➡

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A51 – 51 Days Later!”

  1. drsgd

    Wireless charging can be use in plastic back phones only in metal wireless charging cannot be used, IP rating also can be put on a plastic back they just cut it because its a mid-range

  2. Sempijo

    Im getting my Galaxy a51 one day this week and im super excited. After watching millions of reviews, I found this phone the best for me since its not expensive and it has a great display

  3. Ofek Tzukduian

    I have liked it so far but there were times i whould say for me that the phone can be laggy for a bit but for the most time it's well beyond anything i had expected from a phone like this but in a more premium experience compared to my older phone and it never dissapoints when it is used while gaming but so far as long as you play games like idk cod mobile , gta san andreas , pubg and that's about it

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