Samsung Galaxy A51: My Honest Opinion 2 Months Later

I’ve now spent lots of time testing the Samsung Galaxy A51, and I have some thoughts about it!

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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A51: My Honest Opinion 2 Months Later”

  1. Mark Spurrell

    To clarify a point of misinformation: phones CAN wirelessly charge through plastic backs. The A51 just doesn't contain a wireless charging coil. I had a brain fart the day I recorded this. My bad.

  2. UrbanSipfly

    I for one am not going out of my way and spend any amount of money over $300 for a phone and have it be said that it's budget and it lacks basic features like a dependable fingerprint reader…

  3. ketrin de miau

    i wish you review guys would say a few words about using the phones you review as a wireless hotspot and 5g as a wireless hotspot.. anyhow, i don't want to seem like i am being a dick about your fine review, so i hope you have a good day.

  4. Fredrik

    Would you say that the A51 is much better than the A41? Buying a Phone for my son next week and he really wants a samsung. He is 10 years old and plays alot of fortnite and watches Youtube. Will the a41 be ok for that?

  5. Trajče Donev

    i have an a 51 for about 3 months and ive never expirianced such bad performance..althow once in a while i optimize it but even without that for several days it can multi task just fine for me (instragram, tiktok, snapchat, youtube music in the background) i havent had any trouble

  6. baguette man

    I mean its still just 4 gigs of ram when there is an 8gb of ram variant and it has also a snapdragon variant i think??
    Im just buying it for genshin/honkai impact and dragon raja

  7. Ruben Epping

    The only thing i hate about Samsung is that every phone is big. I am looking for a smaller phone with a good camera for filming. Ofc the cheaper the better, any tips?

  8. Papin

    I guess everything sums up to what you really need instead of what you'd like to have… this phone is definately worth more than it's actual cost. I've had it for 7 months by now.

  9. daddythatstech

    This is one of the major problems with tech YouTubers who have bought ipad pros and iPhone 11 and Samsung note latest etc. They have all purchased the latest and greatest. Then they come to review midrange or low end phones and their reviews are clouded and not subjective. How can you purchase top of range and then review lower price ones without sounding pompous. Lots of people in the comment section have said this phones is really good. Yiu can tweak it and do nuanced things to it to make it work for you. The verge did a review on this and trashed but we know that the verge has viewership favouritism with apple and always have. If you want to see reviews check out guys who do reviews on midrange and Lowe range phones they tend to know better as they use and review those type of phones on a regular basis.

  10. TradeKingz

    It's JUST A CELL PHONE PEOPLE! It's NOT meant to change your lives! If you NEED a cell phone to change your lives, then I suggest seeing a therapist!😂🤣💯

  11. Cecilia Garcia

    A51 have lots of variants depending on your budget. you can also get it on 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM.

    Unfortunately, you bought it on 4GB RAM variant. So, it's obiously slow when it comes to performance.

  12. Lynn Randall

    I really appreciate your honesty about this phone I should have watched your review on the A51 before anyone else's instead I watched Kevin's and actually listened to him lie saying the phone was a good deal and runs great 💀 I actually purchased mines at metro by t-mobile and it's metal and it's the 5G version also but that doesn't mean anything at all because it still runs slow lags more then often and I actually have put it on let go at a price of $200 hopefully I get it sold, I've got calls but only low ballers offering way less then I will take, one thing I'm not going to do is be robbed because someone doesn't want to spend the money I asked but I'm not going lower I'm no t in a rush to sell so I will not give In, if it doesn't sell for what I want it to sell for then it can just stay in my closet for all I care, I actually bought the moto g stylus, and it has lower specs but I will never really put all my hope into specs on paper, I'm going to start looking at specs on paper but with a open mind to try the device in real world use to really decide whether to purchase a product or not, 💯 my G Stylus has 4gb not 6gb of ram and slower processor and it literally murders the A51 in real world use no lie, it never lags or stutters and is plastic not metal but it's the real winner in real world use hands down, and my girlfriend did want the A51 but I actually bought her the A71 and it runs okay better then the A51 that's for sure and I also own the bold n1 full screen phone with alright specs I got it on a great deal for $120.00 and I couldn't pass it up. But if anyone is interested in the A51 I really would look into other devices out there 💯

  13. Criss 0605

    No Matter what Haters says about this phone Reality is:
    A51 is best phone in this price with security of knox.
    Feel of the phone is amazing.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Rei Matsuo

    thank you for the mention of same performance of a S7. Our S7 will no longer Power Up. We liked that phone for EDC and Travel Camera phone, that gets only shared via Facebook and not printed, so HiRes is not an issue. Is this a good phone for International Travel, meaning, can we swap SIM card in Asia perhaps? $500 seems reasonable from an S7 history. Thanks

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