Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Ultimately uneven

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Ultimately uneven”

  1. Yohana Mbago

    After I have accessed the developer options and kept the samsung A51 to beast mode,and after the updates the phone was very snappy ,I didn't get any lags on it..its a very decent phone and I use it in 4GB of ram and when you open up the hidden settings it has a 120hz as the way I can see it and it becomes very smooth .. it's not a gaming phone exactly but it's a decent phone in performance

  2. M

    Pro's= screen, camera, battery, slim, thin bezels.
    Con's= speaker, volume on the right side, no voice answer, face recognition inconsistent, sometimes lags, no notification light, high price.

  3. April Privott

    I don't know why I see so many videos of people bashing this phone. I have the phone and it works great. I had it for 3 months. I don't experience any lag or sluggy performance. I can play any game I want to play on it. I got at least 4 to 5 updates. Also my phone will get the new android 11 and samsung 3.0 UI. This is a great phone. Don't let these reviews fool you for not getting this phone.

  4. Geetam Baishya

    The same phone with 6000mah battery, 25watt charger, sony imx 682 64mp main sensor, side mounted fast fingerprint sensor is launched as the Samsung galaxy M31s in India at 260 USD. The only downgrade from the A51 is the use of one ui's core version.

  5. Kenneth Magayano

    Samsung fan here.. I'm glad and satisfied using my A51 no complain at all.. I'm disappointed that your review about this phone seems bias comparing to google pixel🤔🤔🤔…
    Sorry for my bad english

  6. Ryan Dickerson

    My Review as a owner
    – fingerprint scanner is awesome (I put my thumb where it tells you to put it"
    – super awesome display
    – amazing cameras
    – no lag
    – super fast and responsive
    – super, super long lasting battery

    Definitely a major go for 300 bucks!

  7. Ryan Dickerson

    I think he's biased and is trying to make this phone look bad. He is putting his finger away from the fingerprint sensor expecting it to unlock and tapping very softly showing "lag". I have this phone and it is unbelievably fast and smooth. I mean, it's no Galaxy ultra, but Engadget is really overreacting

  8. Islaw Kalabaw

    I've used almost all brands of phones from Nokia to Blackberry to Samsung and currently iPhone, most tech reviewers nitpick when they are reviewing Samsung phones but exaggerate the pros and almost always downplay the obvious cons with iPhones.

  9. akhil saji

    This guy is truly dishonest my brother uses this phone and there is no lags at all its not for gaming but still you can run pubg on hdr ultra with around 35 to 40fps ( only for a short time though )

  10. T L

    Bad… bad …, please before you do the review make sure you know all the specs and know how to use them. specially if you are Iphone user. And the whole time from beginer to the end is alot of complainting and you say you not is a liar.

  11. Ji Stone

    no discussion about the battery when the pixel has had significant battery problems (software and hardware) and no matter how glitchey samsung is known for battery life, but a recommendation just based on the camera? seems legit…

  12. Itmoe1

    The cost 230 on Amazon and 239 at best buy what are you talking about, I know 3 people that own the phone and love it, by the way no lag or finger scan issues …just a bad review that all.

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