Samsung Galaxy A51 – Tips and Tricks! (Hidden Features)

Samsung Galaxy A51 tips and tricks!
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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A51 – Tips and Tricks! (Hidden Features)”

  1. Kevin Breeze

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  2. Fleuriy

    Should I get the Samsung Galaxy A51 or the Motorola G8 Plus? Considering the most important things for me are battery life, camera and storage. The galaxy is about 80 euros more for me, is it worth it?

  3. B L

    Any tips and tricks regarding a front notification light? Does the phone even have that capability? Samsung has done away with these lately, and reviews never cover their existence or any details.

  4. wellrounded713

    You do a nice review Kevin, but I've never seen you mention assistant menu which is probably more useful than all the other things you're pointing out. And as far as the speaker on the a A51 in particular, they are really not very good although an improvement over the A50 phone. Try some phones from Motorola with headphones or just the speaker, particularly the Moto one zoom even the G6 next to the A51 it blows it away through headphones or from the devices speaker!

  5. Jeannie M

    Getting ready to get one of these. Thank you so much for helping those of us who are not very tech savy. You made it easy to understand. I will be watching this as I set up my new phone. I'm coming from a Galaxy S8. Interested to see the difference.

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