SAMSUNG GALAXY A70: Amazing Camera & Smooth Performance!

SAMSUNG GALAXY A70: Amazing Camera & Smooth Performance!

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Samsung just launched their all new Samsung Galaxy A70 in India. The Samsung Galaxy A70 price in India is Rs. 28,990. Well, In this video I am sharing my experience with this device. Also, You’ll find camera test, speed test, battery test, design explained, etc. With that said, If you need a big screen phone then Samsung Galaxy A70 is the best phone available in the market. But, If you are planning to get a phone worth 30 thousand rupees then why not check out other brands too? Like Xiaomi, Realme, Poco etc.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Specifications
Snapdragon 675
6.7” Super AMOLED Display
32+8+5MP Triple Rear Camera
32MP Front Camera
4500mah battery with 25W super charger in the box

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47 Replies to “SAMSUNG GALAXY A70: Amazing Camera & Smooth Performance!”

  1. M G A R

    Have always used Samsung and been using A70 since April 2019. I am rather disappointed with this phone, it has an awful battery as it drains quickly. I applied all the remedies to reduce battery consumption however it proved fruitless. It has become slow and has glitches. Don't buy Samsung mid-range phones. I will be switching over to Xiaomi or Motorola flagship. Cheers.

  2. Ayesha Studio

    شكراً جزيلاً لك على إنتاج فيديو مفيد للغاية .. واصل الأمر يا إخوان .. أتمنى لك حظًا سعيدًا

  3. Chris Reynolds

    I'm having trouble with blurry pics on A70. Blurry videos. Where the hell is auto-focus? The pic features seem to have a life of their own.
    When I went onto Galaxy site and discovered it's not me that's incompetant but that many, many others are having the same problem. Various solutions given but in the end those on Galaxy site told to refer back to retailer or manufacturer.
    I've loved all my Galaxy iPhones and never had an issue with photo/video.
    This is first one that I positively wish I had not bought. BUT if anyone out there has a solution pls let me know.

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