Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy S10 Plus speed test. Epic Mid Range vs Flagship speed test just how much capable a 2019 midrange phone is vs the Flagship. Let’s find out!

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Speed Test!”

  1. Big Hair Tsunami

    Just so potential buyers are aware, the cpu platforms from Qualcomm Snapdragon have BIG DIFFERENCES. The Snapdragon cpu platforms have a high end, mid range and low range. The Snapdragon platform also includes high end data modems and lower end data modems. No one ever talks about modem data speeds (and cell phone connections). It does matter a lot!

  2. Walking Bear

    A70 is the better phone.. he's not taking into account sometimes internet can lag when opening pages like facebook and Instagram..depending on signal distance and speed.. so a70 was kicking the s10s ass.

  3. Sugarr_ Doll

    3:46 i have a midrange phone and if ur a person who wants quality selfies id go for the flagship devices as u can see the a70 is pretty zoomed in and the s10 is at a normal selfie camera idk why this is but its really annoying

  4. Steven Specht

    If the A70 was water resistant (ip67) it would be be honestly perfect. The only other gripe I have is the camera isn't super amazing. But I've always had galaxy S series phones so..

  5. Barashi

    I like that this guy isn’t a flagship fanboy and actually bases it on the price and performance compared to just saying the most expensive one wins

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