Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Note 10 Lite vs S10 Lite

So Samsung’s Galaxy A71, Note 10 Lite, and S10 Lite are 3 of the latest midrange smartphone offerings from Samsung which all offer an excellent user experience for a fraction of the cost over their flagship counterparts. In this head to head video, we are going to see which of these phones stack up to be the better buy and find out which is right for you. Thanks for watching!

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Galaxy A71 5G (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy S10 Lite (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Samsung) ➡
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Amazon) ➡

Galaxy A71 4G (Amazon) ➡
Galaxy S10 Lite (Amazon) ➡
Mobile Controller ➡

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Galaxy A31 (Amazon) ➡
Galaxy A51(Samsung) ➡

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Note 10 Lite vs S10 Lite”

  1. Sam Ramirez

    Your Video was perfect because these are the 3 devices I am trying to decide between. Just recently lost my otherwise reliable and pristine Note 8 due to my carelessness when trying to root it. (didn't pay close attention to the rim being for another note 8 variant). Anyway, I just can't give up the S-Pen feature, and can't afford the newer S20 Note or the S21 Ultra So it looks like the Note 10 Lite will be my choice. I can live without the IPS rating since I only took it in the shower a couple of times so I could finish listening to a podcast.

  2. scionna

    A question to anyone who owns the Note S10 Lite, how is the battery life? I saw many complaints about it being very short. How was your expiriance?

  3. Frank G

    Personally, I found the A71 to be the worst phone I ever had. I have had it for some months now, (since brand new). Audio out 3.5mm jack is poor, the earphones supplied are terrible and the overall performance of the phone leaves a lot to be desired. I don't get a full day battery from a full charge, although – I will say that the camera side of things has been impressive, but its a smart phone not a camera. Fingerprint reader fails so often, and the phone has had a tendency to randomly reboot or just loose itself when opening an app sometimes requiring a restart… thankfully, it was supplied by my employer, so not my loss. I will be only too happy to hand it back. Good Video btw – (I should have probably started with that) – I think I will be chasing the Note 10 lite, as they are making me redundant and they want their phone back – no problem! Stay safe wherever you are… 🙂

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