Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Samsung Galaxy A70 – Who Will Win?

Should you buy Galaxy A71 or Galaxy A70?
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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Samsung Galaxy A70 – Who Will Win?”

  1. Ppotatoinacan

    The android 10 update on the A70 completely ruined my phone and I have to get a new one. Even after downgrading to Android 9 my phone still had huge problems with charging and heating up. It wouldn’t connect to the charger and my phone would heat up a lot without me even using the phone while charging that if it charged (installed an app to monitor the temperature of the phone and it would go up to 39°C). I’m thinking about getting the A71.

  2. Yahia Sayed

    PLEASE KEVIN PLEASE NOT A SINGLE VIDEO ON YT IS COMPARING A50 WITH A71. Please compare them please. I want speed tests using the full screen gestures. Thanks

  3. dinozaur pickupline

    this are new specs for samsung midranger
    hopes are up

    latest no notch or v notch display hdr10 color caliberated microled or amoled 90hz,140hz response touch refresh 2.5d curved
    & 3d one sided edge display
    base storage 256gb ufs 3 & dedicated sd slot 8gb ddr5
    765 or 855 or new exynos with amd gpu
    true dual stereo speakers with one mono
    led light notifications
    fast charge 45
    better software than bloated one ui
    metallic band with glass slab for camera & samsung logo & glasstic old pixel design
    wireless nfc wifi 6 standard stuff
    better haptics engine like iphone maybe & accent buttons with slider keyswitch button also
    price 450 max
    music player tuned via neutron or some big audio company

  4. Leopold Djurovic

    Your "analysis" of the megapixels are kinda bs though… You have a point but of course you"ll still loose quality when zooming digitally and having too many megapixels. Otherwise, why would Galaxy 20/20+ only have 12 MP main cameras? Too many megapixels, especially in already small phone sensors, generate noise and is really bad in low ligh. The reasons aren't particularly fancy technically, just Google it if you want an explanation

  5. Joy SGC

    Owning an A70 and absolutely delighted with it. Am not going to upgrade to the A71. Might consider switching from Samsung to another manufacturer next year.
    An excellent video comparison. Ty Kevin.🤗

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