Samsung Galaxy A8 vs Galaxy S8 – Which Galaxy Is Best For You?

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 vs Galaxy S8 Review – Which Galaxy Is Best For You?
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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A8 vs Galaxy S8 – Which Galaxy Is Best For You?”

  1. Michael Anderson

    I am not one to upgrade phones on a regular basis. I still have a Samsung Galaxy J500FN (from 2016). However, its 8mb of memory is lacking, so it is time to upgrade. I'll stick with the Samsung brand that I'm familiar with. The A8 may be the one I go with. By the way, I don't have many apps on my phone and many things are switched off (until needed, for example wifi and bluetooth), so I can get several days from one single charge.

  2. KerriNature

    Sweet, this is exactly the info I was looking for and it was the first search result I picked 🙂 Looks like the saleman didn't steer me wrong in suggesting the A for savings it gives me. That guy was so on the ball I plan to get a computer from him just for being a realistic and knowledgeable sales clerk, can be a pleasant surprise these days, just gives him a little extra over the other perfectly polite and helpful clerks I meet 🙂

  3. Canada Sirius

    They always talk about the camera for 5 minutes and nothing about the sound with earphones. Nothing neither about wifi connection stability , cell phone signal…just the damn cameras.

  4. chiefcookpotwasher

    I have a Samsung A5 2017 which have lots of features the battery life is really great. I love watching people with S8 walking with battery back power always pluging in. One of the most important thing about not buying a high price flag ship phone. I don't give a crap if it lost ,break or stop working because of the price. I am upgrading to A8

  5. Alex papanik

    I got the a8 32 gb for 330€ and the s8 is 750€ for me 750€ for a phone is not worth it so I bought the a8 and I have to say that it's a very good phone

  6. Graham Gillard

    i've recently purchased the A8 (upgrading from S5). So far the A8 phone and text function graphics are poor and not as easy to read, with limited options for changing boldness and contrast. Having to double tap the screen to wake up the unit each time is a pain too. Yet to compare other functions.

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