Samsung Galaxy A9 Quad Camera vs Note 9! 4 Better Than 2?! – Review!

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Review & Camera Test vs Note 9. Is 4 better than 2? Let’s find out. Galaxy A9 2018 is the worlds first Quad Camera phone with ultra wide, zoom, depth & wide lens all in one package. Time to see if it can compete against the two of the best on Galaxy Note 9.

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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A9 Quad Camera vs Note 9! 4 Better Than 2?! – Review!”

  1. Zeeky Poudel

    I wonder how does it feel to have such a great phone in your hand??
    You're so lucky, wished if i could also get a chance to hold it but it's a dream ?
    A9 my dream phone ??
    Would you do give away ??

  2. Jacques Vermeulen

    Ahhhh Samsung, charging a premium price for a bog standard 2018 specced midrange phone with substandard gimmick camera set up. Get an S9 instead of an A9. Better phone in every way. This phone is a joke. Heck, my Nokia 7 Plus runs better than this thing and costs $220 less in my country. Yup, overpriced Samsung midrangers.

  3. Hasson Hasson

    This not true i bay this phone the camers is not sharp at all the front and bavk camera is bad not sharp like any 5 megexil phone front samsung i need my money back

  4. Keira Villaruel

    Galaxy a9 2018 is such a trash. Only good in design but for the features I think I'm not getting what I paid for. In just two days of using it I find it an archaic phone already. 4 cameras are useless and not even good in quality.

  5. Elvis Ng

    Note 9 camera is much better than A9 4x cameras…

    I take alot of zoom in pictures and A9 is really bad… for the camera auto focus kept changing between the cameras and not able to capture finer details than Note 9..

    I own both these phones.

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