Samsung Galaxy Book 12 vs. Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro 12.9" Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Book 12, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro 12.9” tablets.
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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Book 12 vs. Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro 12.9" Comparison Smackdown”

  1. Peter Brown

    Sorry but apple are shit products. I used to be an Apple consumer but due to the poor material of the Ipad it kept braking the screen both on the mobile phone and Ipad. I must add here that I look after my products but not even doing that it worked in protecting the apple products. On the other hand Samsung products are stronger and do not break down or need screen protectors like Apple so good buy Apple you lost my business.

  2. Will NorthAmericanGroup

    Well, one thing is for sure….all of these are better than any product I could personally design and put on the market! Great review, impressive industry. Sometimes we really don't appreciate enough the work these companies do. Here here! To having options!

  3. Luis Garcia

    I would have liked to know more on battery life. Instead of saying battery life is not so great, i wish you had stated how long it lasts before it got to say 15 %. I did like the fact that you showed how it wobbles on your lap whereas the surface would not be able to rest on one's lap.

  4. Bryan Yu

    I love my SP 2017…I bought this about a month ago due to me needing it for work. I'm a Mortgage Loan Processor and we use LQB and it only runs off of Internet Explorer 11. I am an Apple fanboy and before the SP 2017 I was only an Apple user. I have the iPad Mini, iPad Pro 12.9. all iPhone series and my daily user which is my 2012 MacBook Pro 13" Retina. I have used my MBP for everything prior to getting the SP. Again, I got the SP bc my work uses cloud based programming app and it works so well. I am able to use all native windows apps and I can do everything I can on my desktop at work. I use OneCloud drive for storage of my files bc that way I can gain access to it either from my desktop or my SP. That's why I didn't care much about the memory and got the base model i5/4GB/128GB memory. When I bought the SP it came with 1TB of storage for free so again storage of files/PDF's aren't a problem. The model I have is also good enough just for me to do my work without any lag or crashes. I have nothing but great things to say about the SP 2017. It's compact, tablet style, great keybaord and feeling, size and screen size is just perfect. Although I would like to have a bigger screen but I can hook up to a computer monitor via my usb port whereas the iPad Pro doesn't have so you can't put your content on a computer screen. The iPad Pro doesn't have a mousepad like the SP with it's keyboard and that's a big difference. If you buy a SP 2017 you NEED to get the keyboard or else your SP is pretty much useless and if you don't need a keyboard to type then I would definitely suggest that you go with an iPad Pro 12.9" bc that thing is a beast and it's fast. I believe it's faster than the SP 2017 but it can't run any native windows apps like IE11 which is why I bought the SP. The SP is perfect for anyone who wants to pack light but still be able to do work at the same time. The battery life on the SP is a bummer bc frankly, it sucks and I think it's bc it has to use it's battery to power the keyboard and if it didn't have to power the keyboard and the keyboard used it's own battery much like the keyboards you buy for an ipad mini then your battery life will be about the same as the iPad Pro 12.9". Like I said, I've had my SP for about a month now and it does everything I need it to do and more. I love being able to type on a full keyboard and have access to a mouse whereas the keyboard on the iPad doesn't have that option. All in all, if you need windows apps for work or school I would suggest the SP 2017 but if you just need a device that you can use for surfing the web and taking notes and photo stuff then I would go with the iPad Pro bc it is a beast and you can do a lot with an iPad Pro and it won't slow down and you can have multiple screens opened without any lag. But I still choose my SP bc it's like an iPad but it's a tablet/laptop which is why I love it so much. It reminds me of the iPad Pro.

  5. mistadj

    I'm looking… Has the updated surface fixed these issues? The Samsung comes with win 10 home edition… Microsoft comes with Pro edition. Also full office with surface… Not with Samsung… I hate paper… So I'm looking for something I can take notes with in My meetings… But I also have Samsung products… Don't know which to get

  6. Rayya Khairallah

    Hello, wonder tech Woman and utuberz, what would your preference be between surface and galaxy for photo composite work and full HD video editing preferably with final cut pro x?
    would i need an i7 or i5 would be fast enough to prevent lagging? and on touch/pen level, mostly zooming in and doing some blending.
    for video editing i do not need to edit 4k videos
    =) thanks in advance

  7. fantomas3030

    Why on Earth would you compare Notebooks with an iPad? Not with a mac book air, but with an iPad? What was the criteria here, screen size? Needless to say, I didn't dare to watch the entire video…

  8. Omer Ozvardar

    Hello Lisa, I need your opinion about a decision. I want to get a 2 in 1 device soon. I am down to 2017 surface pro and samsung galaxy book. I will use it for business (excel, powerpoint, mail, browsing, etc..), entertainment (mostly watching movies, series, etc…no gaming) and photography (mainly lightroom and occasional Photoshop, I don't do 4K video editing or anything like that, maybe some HD video editing as well). For photography, I will use it with an external monitor with 100% Adobe RGB coverage. Considering my situation, which one would make more sense? You praised so much about Galaxy's screen but I don't see many good reviews about Galaxy in other websites. I am a bit confused actually. Thank you so much.

  9. Legaceybeats

    I love your reviews. I have the iPad 12.9, I love it but would love to use desktop apps. Apple needs to step up. I had an iPad one. Nothing is different about them.

  10. ChinesePhoneme

    The deciding factor for me is that Samsung Galaxy Book is not available outside the US, not even in Canada! A windows PC with a HDR compatible AMOLED screen is really a deal breaker but unfortunately continue to practice a very odd policy on the availability of a product.


    Hello Lisa, since the new Surface Pen's lower latency depends on the new silicon developed by MS, does it mean that the so-called backward compatibility is only true as far as tilt sensitivity is concerned, but not so true about the lower latency because older models are not supposed to have that silicon?

  12. The LeGaCiEs

    Speaking of file access for the ipad pro, i've tested it with the linux OS and strangely i could access to all folders, even the apps! Not even the need to install extra app. Its all by default!

  13. Z

    Galaxy Book or Huawei Matebook E for me. I was thinking I might get the Galaxy Book 10" and the Huawei Matebook E.

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