Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro

Last week at Samsung’s Unpacked Event, the company announced its latest true wireless headphones in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. We have a pair in house and in this video, we are going to take a look at how these $179 ANC True Wireless Earbuds stack up against Apple’s AirPods.

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro”

  1. Mike Nice

    Airpod pros are cool (I have a pair) but have you ever been able to lay sideways on your pillow with wireless headphones on and go to sleep? (Samsung beans win definitely my favorite)

  2. Damien Thomas

    I know it's an apple page but your the only one to say the airport pros sound better than the galaxy buds live. It might be subjective to you but just now your credibility is pretty low going forward.

  3. Win Truong

    so are you suggesting ANC can be improved via software updates? I am debating between the 2, android user and need an ANC pair that is not clunky and protruding when worn.

  4. girlsdrinkfeck

    a decent review from a non bias reviewer ,yh they do look like kidney beans butonce in the ears they dont look like beans or anything stupid ,butthe airpods do still stick out like a sore thumb ,asfor audio etc ,depends on the individuals ears

  5. ravi chandra

    I don’t understand why macrumors is so biased and leaning towards Apple. Samsung galaxy buds are built for Android!. Dan should have had tested the buds on an Android device!

  6. nuyou21

    Face it, no ones buying Samsung’s magic bean hearing aids over Apple’s AirPods Pro, especially with the new Spatial Audio feature. They’re as laughable as the terrible Active Noise Cancellation and Bixby on them. Even the cheaper Galaxy BrokeBuds + sound better and they tanked. 😂💯

  7. Blake

    What are you doing Dan? Don’t do closeups if you’re having dandruff problems. I’m saying this as a friend & to help you because I care. Now for the video, I think the Galaxy buds look like kidney beans. And I hope Galaxy’s buds would be better than a year old pair of AirPods Pros, but they really weren’t actually. I think we’re at the point where wireless earbuds are all really good & I’m more interested in how well they accomplish their feature goals. I still think the Pros do a better job in their features & have more potential as we’ve heard in iPad/iOS 14 leaks. You get what you pay for & my AirPod Pros satisfy my needs really well & the updated features coming are a serious bonus in my opinion.

  8. Steve Gresock

    I am a Apple fan all the way. But the Apple AirPods Pro are the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I won't them for that reason. They may sound better, I don't care they are hideous looking. I wish the Apple would make AirPod like the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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