Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds, designed to compete with the AirPods, are launching this week. We got our hands on a set and thought we’d compare them with the AirPods to see just how Samsung’s newest earbuds measure up to Apple’s super popular product.

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods”

  1. Masquirrel

    You are full of crap. Hard, unbending plastic fits your ears better? ?
    You blow out your ears with the volume touch controls? Are you dumb?
    Way to make up bullcrap to make the Airpods seem better.

  2. Chris

    Am I the only one feeling that there's a script in front of him & he was just reading them ?. I guess your channel is Apple specific. It's a bit funny to me you doing a review on an obvious Android targeted device then make a conclusion it's best for Android.

  3. Saavedra Videos

    Highly agree with you on this the only thing that I disagree with u is that u said the touch controls. For me personally the touch controls are amazing on the AirPods but that’s just me

  4. Desgeneratico

    Wrong advise. Samsung buds can give the good sound quality experience that airpod´s users have never experienced. All apple-fan reviewers have recognize the superior sound.
    On top of that they give you longer battery life, wireless charging, better design, better noise isolation, equalizer and you can customize what you do with your taps.

  5. bad bob

    If you are using a Samsung device and use Samsung or AkG Headphone or earbuds…and you set up the adapt sound application on your Samsung your hearing the apple product will not compare in sound accuracy by a long shot…I don't know why Samsung doesn't promote the adapt sound application…it is phenomenal

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