Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods Review

In this video I review the new Samsung Galaxy Buds which are wireless earbuds and I also compare them with apple airpods these Galaxy Buds are feature packed and also support wireless charging and I give you my opinion in this review.

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods Review”

  1. Aniruddha Kulkarni

    the only problm i face is i cant see the battery life of charging case 🙁
    apple does it very well. u can see battery life of all the connected accessories with just 1 swipe

  2. Vijay Pant

    I got my buds and after using i can tell they are awesome..
    Just use them properly so that it will got in ur ear properly and then if u listen will blast..

  3. dinkar agrawal

    Hi Ranjit, great videos. I had a question, can you please let us know the best earbuds for business purposes in terms of taking calls, quality of calls, quality of mic and noise cancellation capability of mics, quality of bluetooth connectivity, and comfort if we plan to put it in the ear the whole day. I feel that there are a lot of customers who use phones and headphones still to take calls but none of the written reviews or videos do justice to this segment of market nowadays. I feel people still use mobiles and headphones to take calls other than photos selfies and music LOL!!!

  4. Riya Sharma

    Wireless Tech is truly being pushed now. Maybe in a few years we will see lesser wires and everything would be so clean. Apple made a major part here pushing Wireless products

  5. Panneerselvam V

    Geeky is not that good! I am watching him quite long time.. he was good at beginning. Now he got followers and now he is earning… wants to… the recent reviews are more of commercial!

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