Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods

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Samsung Galaxy Buds (International) –
Apple AirPods (USA Link) –
Apple AirPods (International) –

Which fully wireless earbuds will win this battle? The new 2019 Samsung Galaxy Buds or the Apple AirPods?

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods”

  1. TZ o

    SamsungProblem with all headphones

    With their silicones more perceptive than running

    Do not go straight into the box and must be removed !

  2. IV-IV4N-VI

    apple users: you guys suck! your phone camera and screen quality is ass

    samsung users: we got 3 new phones, the samsung 10e, the samsung s10 and the plus. all you guys got was the x, xr, and x max ( they are the same thing)

    apple users: but you still suck

  3. matthewricky

    Question for anyone. Is there a way to turn them off? I feel like I charge them and use them and if I take them out and dont use them for half of the day they just die and I have to recharge them. This is annoying

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