Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is COMING!!!

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is coming 2019!


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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is COMING!!!”

  1. pop coconut

    The outfolding display is impossible due to its durability. Because of this durability, Samsung has been working on developing infolding displays for five more years. Huawei's display technology is lagging behind Samsung over five years.

  2. craig mclendon

    Apple? finally releases their foldable 5G devices and realize everyone is now wearing the phones on there wrist, folding phones have become mid grade phones?

  3. diesel mic

    Apple is taking the path of BlackBerry and Nokia. Apple have isolated they device and software just like BBM and now that they are on free fall they trying to cross platform you can now use they earing like headphones with a Samsung device. Furthermore the fact that they were to arrogant to listen to customer request such as SD card, earphone Jack, USB type C are other factors pulling the company down. Also one of the key of Samsung success is the fact that they now making iPhone X, Xs OLED screen therefore what ever phone apple sale Samsung makes profit regardless if they not selling as much….

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