Samsung Galaxy Fold – DEEP DIVE

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has received a ton of interest since my unboxing video. I decided to take a deeper dive and answer your questions. I plan on using the Galaxy Fold more extensively over the coming weeks, subscribe for updates on that experience.

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold – DEEP DIVE”

  1. eric g

    i'm the one of people who really excited to see the latest tech. just need internet and platform to watch some video like this. i'm not loaded so i only buy thing i can afford lol

  2. BlazeNeon1

    The transformation and wow factor with this phone kinda reminds me of the sidekick phone from tmobile era, everyone wanted one of those things lol

  3. Badassblacksmith

    “Now let me bring up this failed $2,000 Samsung phone over and over and over to try and help the company save face!” The title would be 100% negative if it were a folding iPhone! I really don’t know why anybody would want a plastic screen phone that a bend creased running down the middle!?!?!?

  4. Oxalis

    Gorilla glass is really close to having a glass engineered that will work for these, the next generation is going to change these so much

  5. brunops1

    Lew, I may be wrong but I feel that question from Azan about the possibility of watching a video with the device partially folded was meaning partially folded horizontally, not vertically like you did. To me, his doubt would make more sense if he was trying to find out the capability of watching video content in a "nokia communicator/laptop" position – if you know what I mean. Has anybody else thought of that?

  6. B4K3D tv

    "You just close it up, it sends this message that you want to talk" BRUH it amazes me at how many people are amazed with these " FOLDING PHONES" that companies are devolving, its like folks they've had BEEN HAD FLIP PHONES since 1989 who needs two android screens that'll break, and cost over a grand, YIKES!

  7. Nathan Peters

    At first I was saying this was a pointless product. Great tech but practically pointless. If your in this space you most likely have a tablet and phone so why the need for the fold? However the more Lew talks about it the more I can get to grips with potentially owning this type of product. Even though I say that, the likelihood of owning this is about 12% due to the price and what I mentioned before, I have an iPad and iPhone. This is for someone who is in the market for a new phone and tablet. This then becomes finically viable, buying the one product over two.

  8. Jörunn von Westernhagen

    As a person, that only ever had cheap, 60-90€ phones, him talking about the display being plastic, confused me for a second. I forgot others have glass displays. Reminded me how poor I am. If I ever got a phone like that, I'd sell it immediately. xD

  9. CPR

    I thought it was crazy to have a non-keyboard full touchscreen phone and I eventually bought in. So as my initial thoughts on this is "this is stupid", I'm sure I'll be proven wrong.

  10. Warren Mackey

    Oh I’m going out in the desert with Pepe and Osito and play a round of Disc Golf, drink a brew and burn some Pepe and Osito don’t play disc or smoke- my two boys are straight shooters but Pepe has been sniffing Ositos ass relentlessly and I don’t approve however I still love him very much

  11. Warren Mackey

    That’s right I am now going outside I don’t really know where these thoughts go but i assume the Ethernet some dimension etc. good bye and good night

  12. Warren Mackey

    Who watches that fucking show you folk really need to get off the couch and see what it’s like to be outside and experiencing the colors of sky, clouds etc

  13. Jay'Ce Crenshaw

    What people don't understand is, this kind of Tech will only get more Fragile. Yes, new and strong materials will need|have to be incorporated into these products. But we need to first make it and provide it to learn how to treat it. Products fail cause today's consumers don't seem to get that. I stated it before, it took a min for tech to get to this point. Cause people didn't understand and still don't understand Tech. The majority of people are not taking the time to read the instructions to their new products. They not taking the time to learn how to care for their products. Cause in their mind they already know. When they don't know. It's a different when you follow tech, you learn all you can about the tech before it come out. People like that still take the time to learn their new products, even if they don't read their instructions. I remember when Touch Screen Phone was first started being adopted. Which it's still Adults who never adopted and never plan to. But I remember when they first added the Sensors to the Phone. So when you on the phone the Screen Darken or turned off to keep you from accidentally deleting or clicking on apps and windows. The sensor is also to recognize if the phone in your pocket, facedown on a flat surface or recognize if surroundings lite or dark. I was one of the one who adopted to that new tech or Hardware, cause it was already in Samsung very first phone like the Instinct. When was Samsung first Touch Screen Phone. But I remember going into Sprint to pay my Bill and seeing a line of people getting there their phone replaced. All cause the still wasn't used to the Sensors. Even the Sprint Employees didn't know until I had to explained to them what the Sensors were for. My point is this, only true Tech Heads would understand how treat these new forms of Technology and not all of them we catch on.

  14. paul drozd

    I love this new channel btw Lew and this STYLE and I think your right this is a bigger paradigm shift then the NOTCH. For this reason I for the first time in about 10 years I can not wait for a DROP test lol thanks again for this new take on reviewing tech as only you can.


    although the plastic screen is facing inward when closed, but since there's a gap between the two sides, there's still a chance that sand can get in there and easily scratch the screen.

  16. Zi jie Lim

    It’s like how The iphone was also not perfect in the first gen but people Look at the optimistic side so as this galaxy fold will be in the future at least 5 years from now, like how 5 years after the iPhone that the competition caught up

  17. Da-Rell C.

    We HYPE for the new TECHnology….not over brand names. That is what you want to say…no matter the good & bad from that company competition. ????

  18. Betty Jane

    I know it’s fancy tech but is there really any need for a fold phone – we have a mini tablet and large phones so why have a phone that converts is there really a need unless you’re someone who only wants to carry one device at all times and needs to work between a slightly too small and a slightly larger screen at the same time

    Well it is cool that you can have more than one app open at a time

    And it’s cool but it’s lighter weight

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