Samsung Galaxy Fold features

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is the company’s foldable Android smartphone, using a flexible AMOLED display to convert from a slim phone to a 7.3″ tablet.



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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold features”

  1. Jay Tay

    Imo it's over priced just cause it folds lmao normal phones are still better if the front screen was big like the flagships that are out now like the s10 etc I would be like this is a game changer. I'd say wait for the second gen or 3rd gen when they add a pen to it better features and maybe make the crease less visable

  2. Raheem Mcdermott

    It's not nearly thin enough to get me interested. Sorry. It's a great start but the simple things matter to me most. When there's a folding phone that's as thin as my current phone when its folded we can talk business.

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