Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands On – It's SENSATIONAL

Here is a hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is truly a sensational product. Priced at $1980 and being a 1st gen foldable smartphone, it might be hard to decide to buy one, but the samsung galaxy fold certainly is the highlight of the tech industry right now.

Let’s take a closer look at samsung galaxy fold.

Video Source: Samsung Press Kit

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands On – It's SENSATIONAL”

  1. patrik bartos

    No thanks, I'll stick to my Note 9. It's half the thickness and also half price (in my case 1/4 of the price) . And as a bonus… S Pen 🙂 which I btw almost never use lol

  2. Viggo Koch

    Huawei's foldable phone is a much more elegant solution. Samsung just went completely overboard with a shitload of cameras and two screens. Huawei has one screen and one set of cameras.

  3. Ahmed Yalcin

    Allright gentleman, we need to find a way to make phones better and worth buying to consumers.
    -Sir, longer lasting batterylife?
    -Durable phones?
    -stronger case?
    -faster software?
    “Throws them out of the window

  4. slopet6

    If you pay close attention the picture screen and video conference screen they do not move in consonance with the phone movements in the hand. Which means display in this video is simulated on the phone screen and not actual. Which also means this is basically a paid ad and not a hands on review. I think its all gross misrepresentation.

  5. docaff

    Hmm …. concept is interesting, but I feel like they missed the mark on the phone screen (as opposed to the faux tablet screen which I'll refer to as the "fauxne screen" here on lol).

    Samsung has been moving towards minimalistic bezels on all their other phones, but the phone screen on this appears to take up only 50% of the surface of the phone. It seems like they could have made the phone wider, which would have also increased the area of the fauxne screen when unfolded.

    Probably worth skipping generation 1 of this one and let them work out the "kinks" in generation 2.

  6. Noble

    When you go from a bezeless t
    Display to a bezeled one.

    Also what the fuck is the folded display it doesn't even resemble that of a modern phone it's like they took 1 step forward 2 steps back

  7. James Lewis

    I think I'll wait until the 2nd gen or until they put the spen in it currently using note 9 so I'll wait also front screen got to be bigger they should of made 2 variants 4.6 and at least a 5.7 or 6 inch front screen

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