Samsung Galaxy Fold – HANDS ON Video

Samsung Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s foldable smartphone that was launched a few days ago and today they have posted a hands on video of the handset. The Galaxy Fold will be released in April. Huawei has also launched their foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X which has a potential too.

Verge’s Huawei Mate X video:

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold – HANDS ON Video”

  1. chris martin

    Apple be like. Give me your youngest child. Your home, your car, and 5,000 dollars. Crazy and you would actually have people that would do it. Apple blows!

  2. As It Is

    Samsung fan boys. Becoming almost as bad as the deluded Apple lot. Both the Samsung and Huawei foldable phones are huge in size and in cost. Just how big are your pockets?

  3. Gillani G

    I'll pass. With new ideas like a foldable phone. It's a guarantee you'll find problems like an awful glitch. If your are not filthy rich, I would advise you pass on this and wait another 3 years until they perfect it.

  4. Keason Paul

    Way costly dont see it as a need for right now. The foldable phone to me is just a basic two in one phone. No hologram projection etc no projecting interaction with the phone.

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