Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Durability Fold Test!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Durability Fold Test!

In this video we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold and it’s Durability, Specs, Colors, Price and Release Date.

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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Durability Fold Test!”

  1. Adreiaun

    Why the deceptive wallpapers though? They are obviously trying to hide the crease. I can see many future videos crashing the internet showing the crease after official release. Many will be turned off because Samsung is deliberately hiding it. Bad strategy Samsung, very bad.

  2. take1er

    Honestly by seeing this video makes me feel good about getting one. Samsung is pretty much showing off that the phone is going through slot of testing to make sure theres no issues with constant folding, and I honestly think the crease might not be there. In the video it looks like when it folds it straightens out nicely and doesnt show any bubbling up or disformation in the middle. Well I guess we'll have to wait till its officially in reviewers hands and see it in full working form. I'm very hype and excited honestly

  3. Phil PJ Davis

    I feel we are so far behind in technology! This phone should have been manufactured 5 year's ago?
    They say the Chinese are 20 year's ahead of everybody else in all technology?

  4. Muhammad Gamal

    Everything that folds has a crease, but we can't judge how big of a deal it is based on just couple of videos, but they seem pretty confident about it and that's a good thing. After all it is a first generation, and actually i am impressed with it. Good job Samsung.
    Good job to you bro, cool video as usual ?

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