Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Hands On

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will check out the Samsung Galaxy Fold up close and personal.

*Video Sourced from the YouTube channel Samsung NewsRoom

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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Hands On”

  1. Pelumi Olowolayemo

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  2. Χριστος Καμπανάος

    Hey jimmy,helpfull videos!I'm a little sceptic about android pie because of an issue that troubles me and maybe you have the answer!I own a galaxy note 8 and after the update(pie),on my screen appeared two side bars which i can't get rid off…do you know how?

  3. Mr Unthinkable

    Why do I want this so badly? id either want the chrome one or the blue one, both with gold hinges. im trying to justify whether or not its worth throwing money at? what about the mate x?

  4. Trent J Benson

    Honestly I think I'd rather have a phablet, what's the point of having that front screen where its so tiny??
    Cool concept, and I'm sure smartphones will only get "smarter" but even when folded, it looks so weird and boring.

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