Samsung Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Fold 2? Which One Should You Buy?

In this video I will talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – also rumored to be renamed to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The big question is… should you buy one? And if so, which one should you get? Well, in this video I’ll cover both of those things.

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27 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Fold 2? Which One Should You Buy?”

  1. Tu Ru

    can get the fold for 880€ almost 1 year used but it's pretty much like new exterior wise. Dunno if i should get it. Dunno how fragile it is…

  2. Miguel Ramirez

    Im getting the 20 ultra with the new watch and I have a fold. I love how the z fold 2 looks and that Thom brown looks so fire. Yet I'n still fold 2 will not have ip rating no water resistant maybe next year I will trade in the 20 and the first fold

  3. Derrick Ford

    Being a Tmobile customer having 5g does matter because versus millimeter wave only like Verizon, Tmobile has low and mid band 5g. Thus, the Z Fold 2 would be the better phone over the original fold. Perhaps you have Verizon which explains your take?

  4. Christopher Sullivan

    I was about to trash the fold but then I remembered I trashed the iPhone 11 Pro until I actually got one for myself. I feel like the crease might bother me but I am still excited to see how much better the fold 2 looks

  5. Morten Andersen

    "2:47 it's effectively the same thing…." No, at least on one point they are different, probably: The Z Fold 2 would perhaps be one phone where one can use the base (part of the) screen to have a full sized keyboard and the other screen as a screen where one can see what one are typing – and this mini laptop-mode is not possible with the present Fold. Can you please comment on this topic?

  6. Elvis Hernandez

    I just recently got a used one and it works great didnt have the whole unboxing experience or whatnot but it looked very good shape. im happy with my fold so far

  7. Kee Law

    Don't you just hate youtubers that eeke out about a couple of minutes of content into ten minute video, no doubt because they get more from YouTube as a result

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