Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking

Some Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones are having issues. The Galaxy Fold is likely more delicate than a typical smartphone.
Dave Lee (Dave2d) –
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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking”

  1. Andrew Roy

    @Lew later , I LOVE SAMSUNG TV’s…but the love affair stops there. You’ve never unboxed a Samsung dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine on Unbox Therapy, maybe you have those appliances at home though i don’t know. What I can tell you, however, as guy with contractor accounts at both Lowe’s and Home Depot….you stay AWAY from ANY Samsung branded item that contains moving parts! The home center reps have shown me numerous returned Samsung appliances where the the moving parts failed due to OVER-engineering. Samsung has a habit of over-complicating tough engineering problems (or fixing things that aren’t broken) and consumers ALWAYS pay the price when a company does that.

    When I saw this phone announced I knew immediately that they had done it again. The folding mechanism just looked over complicated from the get-go…it didn’t look right, it felt…..dangerous. I think the additional screen layer is a dubious addition to the problem as well. What happened to the layer that caused those other reviewers to pull it off? Did it bubble up or peel up in a corner like factory applied screen protectors tend to do ? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a piece of tech and ignored the screen protector until bubbles appears or a corner got lint under it and it started to remove itself from the screen. What about those gaps in the hinge that make dust ingress so easy that the Verge had that bump under the screen in their unit ?

    The waway unit looks sturdier but, like you’ve said…we won’t know till you touch it. I’d be willing to bet it’s a helluva lot less over-engineered than the Samsung and you’ll find pretty novel solutions to the hinge issue that will make you go “that was simple. Why didn’t Samsung just do that “?

  2. masterpig5 S

    Have a yellow paper band with the warning printed on it wrapped around the unit in the box. Have the customer take that as the last thing they do in the unboxing.

  3. Bryan Weber

    There's a big difference between folding a phone 200,000 times in a dust free controlled environment,.. and folding the same phone 200,000 times at the sandy, wet and unpredictable beach party where you are showing off your brand new $2000.00 phone.

  4. Mike

    Obviously their braking their is probably a jumper in the phone and you know when a copper pipe moves back and forth it will eventually break and also what you are saying

  5. St. Batu

    They exaggerate minor Apple issues which are so minor they only a firmware update or in snow store repair because very few people are affected.
    On the other hand, they play down Samsung's, make excuses or even blame customers for Samsung's issues which are bad enough to warrant a recall.

  6. Marian D.

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  7. Kevmk

    The iPhone Xs Max 512gb costs about 2 000$ in norwegian NOK (16 790kr)

    Imagine what the galaxy fold is going to cost here…

  8. o3MTA3o

    200k folds sounds impressive till you realize that people can pick up their phones up to 300 times a day. Let's say you're a heavy user and we knock that number down to 200 because it does have that outside screen for quick access. If you open that phone 200 times a day, it'll be broken within 3 years.

  9. Allin7days

    FIRST PROBLEM SOLUTION: Forget about the warning message. Samsung, just extend the outer film all the way around "under" the bazel. If people don't see the edge, they won't peel it. Fool proof it!!!

  10. VonBoyka

    THIS IS A SHOW.. A BIG LIES SHOW!! ..that’s all!! ..pair of BRAND MUPPETS!! ..that’s it!!! …we are not lambs!! Your are a muppets ..period!!!

  11. scarcesense

    There's another way to look at this risky purchase. If it does fail spectacularly, but you look after it – or don't even open it – your functional one will prove an incredible investment.

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