Samsung Galaxy Fold Real World Hands On!

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Fold F900U real world hands on showing full details of the design, Crease on the display, One UI 1.2 & more.

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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold Real World Hands On!”

  1. alien snout

    Everything about it looks surprisingly good, except why tf would they let it past the drawing board with that tiny ass screen when folded? I feel like whatever added weight or thickness it would've caused to have an infinity display on the front would've been more than worth it. Not that I could even fathom having this kind of spare money for a phone anyway

  2. R J

    It’s an awful phone though, the screen is bad, the design is awful
    If it has to be such a bad design it should at least be cheap

  3. Eric Geisinger

    From the looks of it the phone wasn't locked in the open position. Hence the crease. Look at the top. It's not fully open. He picks up one side and it starts closing. He was able to close it with one hand. It's already been made evident that once open it'll lock into place where it takes more force than just picking up one end to close it.

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