SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD – Reportedly Having Issues

The samsung galaxy fold is reportedly having issues so today we cover them all!
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The galaxy fold is the first foldable device from samsung and has generated a lot of excitement around consumers. Recent reports have suggested that the experience of the galxy fold may not be as seamless as we have been told. Today we cover the official video and look at the Samsung galaxy fold and the problems it may face

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35 Replies to “SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD – Reportedly Having Issues”

  1. Kamikaze Hound

    Yall in the comments sound crazy? yall act like optimization issues dont happen in tech. There was a few times ios updates had optimizing issues as well as bugs its just apart of making new software. Its a program issue not a phone design issue. Its two separate screens thats it, its like plugging a laptop into your tv and switching the display to only show on the other screen, thats nothing new and when it comes to a crease thats barely noticable who cares. People didnt complain the Mate X had a super bad crease with a $2600 price tag using a plastic screen. Yall just like to complain? remember that optimizing issue with Siri when you could use it to bypass the lockscreen. Mostly every vehicle thats ever come out has had a recall for something. Let this have been Apple though people would be kissing their ass just like at the apple event when they didnt even show off anything but cash grabs. The iphone XS Max with a Ipad pro cost a 100 dollars less that this phone yet this phone is both in one and stipl probably way better even with the issues its having that only have to deal with software when the phone isnt even available to buy yet. This stuff happens even the gjy in the video understands that. Wait for the phone to drop to see what it will be like it. Its the future, all the phone companies including apple are working on foldable phones now and Samsung already bwgan making the next two folding phone line-up.

  2. warak anda

    Samsung Galaxy Fold will be in the range of luxury device affordable only to limited owners who have the money to buy it at such price. With such price, one can own a nice high range laptop and a mobile phone.

  3. DroidLife

    Smartphones been around for almost 10 years, how much better can these smartphones get?? So HELL YEAH the galaxy fold WILL takeoff in the future!

  4. Aqeel Mohamed

    Since this is the future and in its initial line.. we have to wait for a couple of years to get a clean device and value for money .. hope Samsung will do in quick time

  5. Bigby Wolf

    How come they are selling fold variants with only Qualcomm chips while choosing to sell their S & Note series with exynos chips?
    Why can't they just have Qualcomm as sole supplier so consumers can never argue about Performance.

    Today i actually got to experience the 845 with my friend's Poco and the performance is so stellar it feels as though its being powered by an external GPU. Environments are rendered at very high framerates and there no framedrops while looking or moving around playing PUBG!

    While on my exynos the rendering speed is noticibly slower

  6. Daniél Lecoq

    I'm probably getting the Huawei Mate X while my girlfriend gets the Samsung Galaxy Good. Then we can see which one is the best. We're both up for upgrades now anyways, so why not try something new?

  7. charles r. burnette

    I still going to get mine, don't worry so much about the crease, it's folded, just like a book, just like you iron a pair of pants, I quite sure Samsung will have all this taken care of before launch, and as usual, anything comes up, he will send a patch update.

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