Samsung Galaxy Fold – Unknown Details REVEALED

Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 but there’s a lot that is still unknown about the handset. Today someone got the hands on experience with the device and they shared a lot of details. So let’s take a look at it


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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold – Unknown Details REVEALED”

  1. Carlos Rodriguez

    Here’s a fun fact only 10% people know when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone not to public but higher people the first ever iPhone had facetime but they removed it it was too advanced for civilization years later we’ll what do you know they finally released it lol funny thing is that’s not all there is other secrets but know that we’re hitting the 2 thousand dollar mark we’ll start seeing the real technology

  2. Marcus Anderson

    Uh oh Samsung y’all done started something now. Apple is seriously about to come with an idea to top this in the future ?. Next animated movie will be about talking phones lol whose down!

  3. Will Connell

    My question is, what happens if you accidentally sit on it? How strong is that hinge. I mean i dont make a habit out of sitting on my phone, but occasionally ill put my note 8 in my back pocket because of size (may not be a problem with the fold as its not as wide closed) and accidentally sit down on it….hope this isnt an issue, or maybe im the only fatass that sits on their phone from time to time

  4. Gangster Hamster

    I’m pretty neutral about Apple and Samsung but Jesus fuck I can’t watch any Samsung video without seeing the cancerous community Samsung has. People chill the fuck out

  5. AndNowYour MommaKnows

    I'm looking forward to the Fold. I just need to hold it in my hands first to see how small the phone mode is. If I feel like I will barely use the phone mode because it is too small that might bother me. But if the screen isn't too small and I like using it for everyday use and open it when I want to watch things then I feel it's usability would be what I am looking for.

  6. TechFor Life

    When ever i come to this channel I die laughing because how sal makes people fool by showing them news no one cares about and hiding things which are more important but they will screw all of the lies sal has said.

    Btw i like the huawei mate x more than the galaxy fold. You can even use the mate x when folded .

  7. Notorious

    Entitled brats complaining about this and that. Its a one of a kind product that no one else can make. I think its a great product for rich people. Yea Im rich bitch, and ill get one regardless of the fold mark on a folding plastic.

  8. Zem Jo

    For someone complains about the ugly notch or smaller screen ratio, calm down your tits. This is still an early stage and also their strategy before releasing the bigger screen and also smaller notches or even no notch at all. Come on guys this is fkin logic. It is part of tech strategy.

  9. N Banerjee

    This year Samsung really on fire ????????? . After successful implementation of S10 plus ultrasonic fingerprint scan and punch hole display which I was really skeptical about, I believe we should keep faith on their innovation like button less note X and Galaxy fold. They are really gonna through bleeding edge of technology this year.

  10. Charles Donaldson

    Notch is too big when open and the display too small when folded. Nice first try Sammy, maybe in a year or two it will be ready for primetime. Until then give me my Note.

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