Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X: After Foldgate delay, time to wait for the Mate?

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It’s 2019, and foldable phones are finally a thing. So as Samsung’s first foldable struggles to find its feet, is it worth holding out for Huawei’s more expensive Mate X?

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X: After Foldgate delay, time to wait for the Mate?”

  1. Ryan Conley

    You forgot to mention that Huawei has been stealing tech from other companies, like Samsung, for decades.
    How cute that they now have a foldable phone also…

  2. Marius Daniel Fauru

    Huawei won this battle with a huge advantage ?? Samsung stinks ? i have s10 plus But i regret i upgraded from my s8 plus and stayed with Samsung ! Samsung lately is not a reliable brand anymore!

  3. G Drama

    I think someone was completely drunk when they designed the Samsung fold. Come on guys do better. No need to rush to market with a crap product. Recalled already

  4. c0570 cm

    You can buy a Huawei phone on Amazon which comes without warranty, for a $2600 phone without warranty, good luck. Protectionism will surely hurt American consumers, more ironically, protectionism from a so-called capitalist "free-market" economy.

  5. Franco Cortez

    I don't know why people think the Mate x looks better, because to me it looks like a really cheap plastic phone. I think the design of the Samsung looks far more high-end outside of the front screen, as the rather large forehead and chin doesn't look as good.

  6. mackstertube

    I really don't know which I would choose as they both have their pros and cons. I am a fence sitter for the moment.
    Especially since my country parts about the 30% more on whatever the US RRP is.

  7. Don DoDat

    Where do these big companies go wrong? I look at the comments and everyone including myself likes the mate x Can’t these company that make so much money off of us come up with the f right product. Just listen to people that pay your ass. ???

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