Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X — FIGHT!

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Samsung has shown off the Galaxy Fold. Hawaii the Mate X. Oppo… another Mate X? That Xiami tease. LG… whatever the hell this is. And, never mind the Royole FlexPai. Just, flashy thing me already.

It’s foldapalooza 2019, but is any of it any good — and which of it the best?

With thanks to MrMobile, Michael Fisher, and Alex Dobie of Android Central.

Michael Fisher:

Alex Dobie:



Android Central:

Fold vs. Mate X:

Previous VECTOR foldables video:



46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X — FIGHT!”

  1. Martin Hlavac

    Galaxy Fold have a similar style like Nokia 9210 communicator and I like
    it. Advantage over Huawei is…when your cell phone drops to the
    ground, the main display does not break! And how many people have a
    broken display…thinking about that. Moreover, when it's closed, it's a
    nice little phone.

  2. Peter Siu

    Samsung does not allow anyone to touch its newly-announced foldable phone, which means the official trailer Samsung presented for this phone could be a fake. Samsung is probably holding an unfinished product right now.

  3. Andrew Gotts

    Samsung says they will be able to make elastic screens. The crease is defiantly it's achilles heel. If they made a more ductile and elastic screen it could remain under tenstion the entire time and the crease wouldn't develop the same way as it would with plastic sheet.

  4. TankQ

    The innie maybe better for protection but Samsung not knowing how huawei is doing it is doing innie in a very inefficient way, design intent is not their strongest. What they can do to follow up to their innie, put the 4 cameras up front including tof one, none on the back, and put a hole punch one innit, why the giant notch innit?

    Having giant phone apps now in square tablet format does feel weird again unless they’re games. Maybe you’re always multitasking then. So always have app pairs innit unless it’s games. Even videos will have massive letterbox again.

  5. Rererro Muzzi

    Not a fan of either company, but Huawei appears to be more welcoming and honest with their device. Samsung on the other hand, doesn't allow anyone to get close to their device.

  6. Phil Yum

    If the screen is hard enough not to worry for both dropping and scratches, I will be ok with Mate X. The bigger question is when this phone will be available? Do not even fool people by letting a couple of people tested. The real one begins once is available.

  7. bum kyu Kim

    Once the produce is released, everyone will realize that galaxy fold is much better.

    Samsung can make both of in and out folding phone

    Hawei could not make infolding phone yet

    Outfoldung phone is bad

    Consumer will realize it soon

  8. Steve Rogers

    The Chinese government thing is a drama/hoax created by the American government to undermine Chinese technological advancement because the Americans can't compete. With NO evidence only speculation, huawei wasn't caught for doing anything wrong, yet people are saying this and that as it was real, LOL How ridiculus.

  9. ushimky wong

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  10. James Collins

    Rene zoomed past the truth …. I’ll say more clear … what the hell is this going to do for failing android tablets ?? Since that proves the OS is too fractured and will never catch up to whatever Apple already has done or may do in the future?? So many of us who are old enough to remember every device which Rene did a lot of work to recall (good job with the history lesson), WE already know this market will never have the most innovative genius as Steve Jobs, and neither Samsung or Huawei have the integrity to lead since they either stole intellectual property illegally from Apple (5 years in court to slap Samsung’s face) or Huawei who benefited from what china has stolen from the United States via commercial espionage and has proven over and over again its leaders are for exterminating any one who will not submit to its murderous regime. Somehow these facts seem to escape the geeks of tech.

  11. Sloppy Toons

    I think at first glance the Mate X look best, but then after you put a bit of thought into it, the Samsung one is more practical… but both still seem kind of crap. I think what most tech reviewers miss is that most people buy a phone every two years or longer. I don’t see these things lasting this long. The exposed screen on the Huawei is bad news, and the gap when closing the Galaxy fold doesn’t fill me with confidence. I bet these things are fun to play with, but for every day use they seem clumsy. I can’t wait for proper tablet implementation or something more practical for the foldable screen. As phones go. I think the slabs with notches is as good as it gets.

  12. BlueSky

    iPhone meets Galaxy Fold

    iPhone: Look, I can do free video calls for free to other iPhones without a 3rd party video calling app!

    Galaxy Fold: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS! (Folds backwards)

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