Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) vs Apple iPad 4

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Samsung announced a totally overhauled version of its S Pen-equipped Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet — fully loaded not only under the hood, but also in the software department. Naturally, a tablet so capable has to be stacked up against the best of the best, and one of its most fierce competitors comes from Apple’s camp. That’s the iPad 4, of course…

42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) vs Apple iPad 4”

  1. Raf Marcus

    I think the devices are pretty the same, but I prefer Samsung for the only reason I can transfer and read any kind of files with any problem: no conversion, no iTunes, no property rights, no ballbusting! Just a tablet, not a philosophy.

  2. ZeF

    I Have an iPad 4 and galaxy s4.. No doubt that Samsung is a good device and a good gaming performance . But the iPad 4/air is a good device no log no hang not like samsung 🙂 iPad is smooth 🙂 I go for ipad

  3. Moradi Hamid

    The ipad 4 keeps up just becouse you say it but its not true. Also the galaxy tab its at least 5 times faster and responsive than ipad . Even jf you are trying to hide the ipad lags and spikes

  4. Zinc

    ill choose samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 because it is more easy to hack because of APTOIDE for free games to download 🙂

  5. Gostek

    I love Imacs as they are good but Iphones and Ipads are just the same, and so over rated.
    Once you go android there really is no going back so much better than IOS.

  6. drog Rel

    Just because he thinks ipad better then the note doesn't mean that he is a fanboy the reality is that apple still dominates on tablets no doubt just look up the stats nd I have an ipad and my sister owns the note so not a fanboy just stating the facts

  7. Shane Mason

    Where can I find an honest comparison on these products??? This is like comparing Superman to Batman, I like Batman better, therefore he wins. Really? 

  8. Garry Hyare

    i hv one question which would be better for me Samsung Note 10.1 (2014) Tablet that i can connect to my t.v and watch straight from my tablet t.v show Films 

    or should i get Apple T.V (Jailbreak) ???

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