Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Apple iPad 3

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Very recently, Samsung launched its long awaited Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet — the Korean company’s answer to Apple’s ever-beloved new iPad. With its S-Pen stylus in hand, Samsung is betting that its pen is going to be mightier than the metaphorical sword wielded by the new iPad, which so happens to have a stranglehold on the market…

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  1. Samuel LAZARE

    Mannn it doesn't need 10 minutes to talk about if you are just a boy you don't use it a lot take the ipad but if you are smart and you can use what is given to you then go for note 10.1 it offers everything … I have note 10.1 and it is cooooooooool man the s pen is cool .

  2. ford explorer

    i have i pad 3 and and samsung tab 4 7" im a sumsung fan all my electronics at home samsung product, tv, laptop,all in one desktop,phone,sound bar .my experienced with ipad 3 is actually great there is really nothing to complain about i like the built quality.its fast easy to use thats for sure. samsung and apple are both great divice it is really up to you what suit your needs.

  3. Michael Cruz

    You guys are full of it. I've had android and bashed apple before. Then I was forced to use an Iphone because my old phone broke. I hated it at first, but god damn that thing is super easy to use. I had the previous samsung note tablet, then I got an Ipad and this guy is absolutely right. How is it that with 4 cores it lags like hell with some features, but with apple only using 2 cores its smooth as fuck. On paper yea it looks like Samsung is great, but fuck man open your eyes to the quality of the damn thing. Ipad has literally given me no problems what so ever. Super easy to use. A lot more sturdy, feels like it was made in the U.S. and overall a lot fucken smoother. For gaming, pictures, etc.. yea you can brag about the Spen and multitasking bullshit but look at the damn performance drop. Twice the cores and can't "multitask" like it says without losing quality. It's like a little kid saying, yea I can juggle a million things at once, hey look at me I'm better. Then drops everything hes juggling and freezes because it's too much to handle. Then says, well I was handling all those things in the beginning. Samsung is just trying to impress the world by shoving two more poorly manufactured and engineered cores into a piece of shit plastic that can't even handle it. For samsung to run as smooth as ipad they need to chop down a shit load of their damn so called half assed "multitasking" features. Idk about the rest of these dumbshits, but it's always quality of experience over quantity always. I'm getting my moneys worth. I'd rather eat a delicious meal that costs 80 dollars at some well known restaurant than have 80 chicken fucken sandwiches from mcdonalds. Quality always beats quantity. I'm open to any comments on this, I will reply if you feel different. Just wannna have a real shit discussion about this.

  4. NightmareBear

    Ipad is too similar to the iphone, there are no notable feachers that make it impressive its ,in an eggshell, BORING. The Samsung looks 21st century and not like a square block. So why would I spend the same amount for less feachers? I won't, and thats why I switched to android tech a long time ago ans still not regreting it. Samsung 4 life

  5. Marcos Diógenes

    I was talking about movies, pictures and stuff.. I agree that iPad has more advanced Hardware, but i don't think it's so hard to read things on the samsung tablet, unless it's micro text. you can always zoom in to make it easier. I also prefer the colors in the Samsung display. And the stylus has lots of functionality. Specially for people like me that likes to draw and edit images.


    I HAVE BOTH devices !!! i'm not a ipad lover… i hate it for SD slot missing.. however, in REAL REAL life, IPAD is not just a bit or little better… man it's LOT MORE ADVANCED then SAMSUNG in any way… and when you read… it's so HARD on samsung.. ipad it's like made for reading pdf books.

  7. zakil25

    This is not even a comparison video it's an ad, the way you explained the multi tasking on both devices shows us what you were trying to do.

  8. Azra Syed

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