Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – LEAKED?!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – HANDS ON LEAKED?! Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is THIS IT? My Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Unboxing and first look hands review will come on launch/ release date! This video looks at the latest leaks / leaked images, with renders specs / specifications etc to be announced soon! With the official Unpacked event not coming until the summer, let me know your early thoughts!

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – LEAKED?!”

  1. Jason Ward

    My thoughts and there is concept on samsung youtube. They are going to reveal the infinity full display no hole punch, the selfie cam is going to be on the s pen, i think this is likley.

  2. JRG 11

    Id love to believe it!!! But nope… think the 11 will have full screen without punch out! And in display cameras! Samsung really needs to Step Up The Note game its becoming just the bigger lil better spec and feature wise S Series with pen!

  3. JJUnboxing

    Thank you so much for featuring my photo I greatly appreciate the effort you have gone to to make this video ? here is something I would like to clear up, I did not take this photo of a person holding it however it was on a poster that I took a photo of and found it very interesting so I decided to send him a photo, I have read some comments saying it is the A90 but I think it is unlikely as it had the slot for the S-pen and it had a curved screen which is exclusive to the high end models

    Edit: yes I don’t believe it will be the final design either as it’s way too early to tell if it’s real or not but it was interesting seeing that this had the slot for the s-pen and that’s what caught my eye

  4. Karl Gephart

    I doubt they will put a camera in the S-Pen to go with a bezeless New Infinity Display this quickly, but I hope I am wrong. I also want to see them put sounds under display, like they promised as upcoming tech. Finally, I wish they'd put a mic in the blue toothed S-Pen for dictation, with the phone safely ticked away in your pocket.

  5. saTanTwin

    As an Ex Telstra employee there is no way a person working in a Telstra shop can get there hands on a Unreleased phone which no one in the world has.

  6. Infidel Gastro

    I hope that the selfie camera and wotnot is loitering under the display because that means that the N11 (the device that I intend to get) will have a "new & improved" version of the tech. New & improved??? What a stupid saying. It's either new, or it's improved. It's most definitely not both.

  7. Mathew Smart

    Well I'll say it's probably in Australia somewhere as he has got the Melbourne Storm NRL team on the screen… And seems like Australian tight-ass logic, as nobody in the general public gets to sample anything from Samsung down here except for the people that work for our phone providers.

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