Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 1 Year Later! Still My Favorite??

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 1 Year Later! Still My Favorite??

This is my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus after 1 year!

Galaxy Note 10+ VS Galaxy S20 Ultra:

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●Filming equipment I use:

● Tall Travel smartphone/Camera tripod I use:

●Music I use from Epidemic Sound:
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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 1 Year Later! Still My Favorite??”

  1. Josh Quinonez

    So what do you all still think about the Note 10 Plus? If you have one how is it holding up for you? Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like and Subscribe!👍

  2. Shashwat Guha

    Note 20 ultra has been announced, and i am planning to buy the note 10+ aura glow, would you suggest to buy it or wait for the over expensive note 20 ultra??


    Woah mann watched a bunch if videos, past few hours or so amd yeah u really gave me a firm green light, ACTUALLY now m gonna buy it in the next sale(tomro) here in India 🇮🇳
    Which is gonna cost me ₹ 55000 onlyyyyy

    Loved ur activeness throughout the video, pal 😻

  4. Kenneth Smith

    I appreciate your videos and opinions! I feel I can trust ehat you say! I currently use a SAMMY 8+ and I want to upgrade! Ebay has an "Open Box" Note 10+ for $690.00 and a new Note 20 (not Ultra) for $720.00! I'm leaning towards the 10+ because it has better specifications and features!! What do YOU think?? New vs Open Box (used); Last year's FLAGSHIP vs This year's 2nd best!!??

  5. Adam Joseph

    Just bought a Note 10+ from a friend who got his Note 20 Ultra. He's meticulous so the 10+ is in A+ shape. Only have it a week now. Haven't used camera throughly yet, but the display for vids and gaming is awesome.
    Big GB and ram means I will enjoy this device for a few years, and I'm just fine with that.

  6. BJ

    The ONLY thing I would have to say negatively about my/the Note10+ is the lack of Wireless DeX!!! I pray they give it to the Note10+ in a near future update…

  7. jitto .m

    If anyone is going to upgrade any note series could you please give me your old note phone with lesser price please because I don't have enough money to buy new one please waiting for a note phone from 2013

  8. Kelley Brown

    Totally agree! I've also had my Note 10 Plus for a year and I love it today as much as I did when I bought it. Great video! Thanks so much for the great videos and your hard work!

  9. Isaac 1990

    Is the Note 10+ still a great phone and good alternative to the Note 20 Ultra?

    My country uses the Exynos 9820, so I don't know if this Exynos 9820 performed better Exynos 990.

  10. Farhan Mehfooz Khan

    There is absolutely no question of upgrading Note 10 Plus to Note 20 ultra at all.

    Let's reframe the question. How about buying a Note 10 Plus in 2020 over Note 20 Ultra.

    Is that a sensible decision ??

  11. Hitanshu Agrawal

    Hey man, great video. Very helpful.
    I actually am stuck in a big dilemma, whether to buy note 10 or to buy iPhone 11 or to buy iPhone 12 or whatever is coming up.

    According to me I would love to go for note 10. But these are the factors that make me reconsider my decision.
    1. Most important is that social media like Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat are not as good as on iOS on Android (specially cameras on these apps).
    2. The updates that Apple gives are timely and for longer period of time then Samsung.
    3. The camera in itself is according to me a stronger point for Apple example its video but at the same time Samsung has some plus points like pro mode.
    4. The battery optimisation that Apple has done and is doing is incredible.
    5. Although the true reason that I want to go for a note is the spen but I don't know whether it'll be useful.

    There were other doubts but that was handled by your video.
    Please help…

  12. Duketobe

    It's a over priced crap.
    I had it for almost a year. Honestly its not worth the money. Battery life is rubbish. Camera is from Nokia 6500.
    Performance is a joke. And my particular handset finishing is done by someone who had first day at work.

    Disappointed completely. Samsung at all you can buy same specs for half the price with better build quality.

    Software updates fail on £1100 handset.
    Just full of crap. Regret buying it every single day.

  13. Lelomeko

    Hey, thanks for this review! 😀 I've been using my dearest note for about six months now and I'm very happy with it. It's really a privilege to be able to precisely edit photos and videos with the s-pen and dedicated apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and Lightroom. Its also a powerhouse for playing graphically intensive games and videos on such a beautiful, immersive display are quite an experience. One thing I'd like to ask though… Do you have the Snapdragon variant or the Exynos variant? In my country, I only had access to the Exynos version and though I haven't encountered any performance issues yet, I worry that I may have gotten the worse option for longevity (I don't plan to upgrade for the next 3 years since it's expensive) especially since the Snapdragon might've cost me the same amount, had I been in a country where it was available. What are your thoughts? Thanks again!

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