Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus BETTER Than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus BETTER Than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!?

In this video we compare the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus to see which one is possibly the best pick.

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus BETTER Than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!?”

  1. Andrew S

    Id pick the most efficient phone and what i mean by efficient best battery life regardless of battery size or software optimization comes down to for me the phone that can do stuff the longest is what I'd say is best cuz at this point they are about the same experience

  2. Kevin Bryant Sr.

    No It's not worth $400 more But the S20 ultra is a far better device. At least the snapdragon version I came from the S105G and I couldn't be happier it smashes the previous device in every way Possible It is a true upgrade And much much better and faster device with a much better camera and runs much smoother…… It is the 1st phone I have ever owned where I wasn't in a hurry to get the next good device. It charges super quickly with the 45W charger it last forever with the 5000 mah battery.. Excellent excellent device the only thing I wish it had was 1440P at 120 Hz

  3. Alejandro Saldana

    I recently switched from iphone 11 pro max to the note 20 ultra but i tried both at the store note 10 plus and note 20 ultra but i didn't found a difference so I just got the note 10 plus 5g and it's awesome i don't miss my iPhone at all

  4. altaf mansoori

    Sir want to buy samsung galaxy note 10 plus one thing i want to know if i buy note 10 plus how many years samsung giving new software update to this phone just like apple giving 5 years software update to iphone every year iphone giving new software update to iphone so want to know samsung also giving this type of updates and how many years ?

  5. Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill

    Flagship phones with the high and specks in the amazing camera is good but is too goddam expensive it's not worth it. You can get a snapdragon 720 or 665 and mediatak P70 or p90 Save yourself some money or you can get the snapdragon 855 or 845 and you'll have and I high in processor to Last year's flagship is just as good because I have a Samsung S10 and I'm doing just fine. #Nomore$1000phones

  6. Arun Kumar s

    Pls suggest which one to bye samsung s20 plus or Note 10 plus camera performance important…i love photos… Speed and game not a important to me…

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