Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tips and Tricks For Dex

Samsung Dex in 2019 has really proven to be an incredible leap when it comes to the potential of this interface. In this video we are going to look at Samsung Dex and explain what it is plus how to use it. I’m also going to give you Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tips and Tricks For Dex. What’s great about Samsung Dex is the fact that is can be used with the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung Dex turns your compatible Samsung device into a desktop or laptop computer more or less. For more Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ feature breakdowns make sure to check out my channel. If you want to see how the Note 10 and Dex work on a Mac follow me on Instagram and I will post it there. For more Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus tips and tricks make sure to subscribe. Also, I will be starting comparisons soon such as Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max, Note 10 Plus vs S10 Plus, and Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone 11. Thank you all for watching!!

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tips and Tricks For Dex”

  1. bjpa

    Hi! Should I buy the 6gb 128gb or the 8gb 256gb ? Price difference is 130€. Please can you advice me ???? Want it for emulation and connect it to my 4ktv to play dolphin with friends ! 😀 will the 8gb have better performance and last longer ??? Thinking of using Dex too 🙂

  2. Dante Diaz

    i dont download much apps . i would use dex all just in a browser like i do on chrome os. save memory. everything on cloud based. this is for me. i get to have 2 modes in one device. desktop and mobile. cool and i have fl studio mobile on my phone to make music. this is a game changer. dope ! connect dex to tv wireless. hell yeah ! everything wireless and cloudbased.

  3. Anthony

    I have been doing the same thing with my note 9, I even have an original DEX station. So it is not just a Note10 feature. Also most of the other galaxy phones have this ability, it is niot a new feature, been around for quite saome time

  4. Jasper Lai

    I will not work on a fake desktop os. If you serious about work. Go real os either chromeos, windows, mac os, even iOS is still a good option, because it is real OS.

    Dex is just a cancer growing in Android. A added value toy, so Samsung can sell products very expensive.

  5. Hannah Fabregas

    i have been looking thru articles on google and here on youtube for info on samsung dex using note 10+ hooked to a laptop, and you're the only one who has delivered!!!! TYYY SO MUCHHH now i get why having a samsung dex is not redundant to using a regular laptop <3 Great job Jonathan!

  6. Chris Pollard

    I haven't used Dex much yet (just got the Note 10+ last Friday), but played with it a bit on Windows. I can see where it would be really useful for traveling light. IE: Your Note (which you'd have anyway) with a USB dock and an HDMI cable … maybe a foldable/compact Bluetooth keyboard … and you have a great little hotel room productivity center without lugging a laptop and all the extras. Probably great for students too, since you have Office on board. And you hit on the best part – no transferring files needed. It's all right there on YOUR phone. You're basically just hijacking the display. I've been trying to decide for years if Dex was just some stupid gimmick, but I think it could be very legitimately useful in a lot of ways, for a lot of people.

  7. Andre Bolla

    problems, getting 255b stuff off the 10+ phone Adobe bridge is useless too!

    transfer is 15 hours for 255g and it times out!

    do, I transfer files from note 10+ to windows 10 desktop computer its estimated

    used, Usb-c and Dex and Samsung remote assistance its useless.

    Wi fi file transfer its useless! I used, windows 10  file copy transfer, its useless it timed out!

  8. TechnicalJon

    They finally released support for the note 9 and I was all about that life. This is how I use my DeX setup everyday. I have a dell business laptop that I got for $150 to do my IT contract work on and I have it connected to a 34 inch ultrawide that sits above my laptop screen. I just plug my phone in and it boots right into DeX and I keep it on my laptop screen with windows 10 right above it so I get the best of both worlds now. Its been the best setup and I dont think Ill be using anything else. I love that the DeX icon on the windows toolbar blinks whenever your phone gets a notification.. Samsung really killed it with Samsung DeX.

  9. Asim Ghafur

    when you transfer files from PC to note 10 where are they saved on the phone? e.g if I transfer pics will it be in the gallery? if it is a document where will that go? or is everything stored in downloads?

  10. E.V.X

    I am a few months late but all these stands true for the previous generation note/s9 and the coming note 20 and s20. I personally have used the DeX on windows and I do notice that for optimal performance, it's best to use above 50% battery. And as far as controls, directly interfacing with the phone via bt or USB otg could solve input lag. I have used DeX for docs, Cad design, writing code and I have even used full blown linux via apps like andronix+termux and UserLAnd. It's really neat.

  11. mick romer

    Awesome man you gotta sub, just got an s20+ and really looking into dex with a nexdock2.. iv had it on the TV trialing dex and works great for me.. do you have a vid on downloading sometime of the net and storing it straight to a flash or external hard drive without going to phone storage? Has me a little stumped

  12. John McDougall

    I’m using dex on a note 9, when you use microsoft word or excel on the phone it work as a full mobile version, when you use it on dex it asks for a subscription to edit and save your work. since the dex version of the app is generated by the mobile app and the mobile version doesn’t require a subscription, is this just microsoft double dipping. A nearly $2000 dollar phone that comes with full version of microsoft word and excel through the partnership with samsung but then cripples the app in dex, makes dex less appealing. when you used word was that after adding a subscription to dex version or has samsung fixed this issue in the note 10 range?

  13. Ric Donato

    My reason for watching your video is I am giving thought to the Samsung Tab S7 and DeX. All the while watching your video though very interesting I could not understand why not use my laptop as it is. Then at 15:00 you hit a high Note (pun intended), your comment makes much sense; glad I stayed to the end. It is my hope Fujitsu's ScanSnap S1300 will work with DeX.

    Update 2020-10-24: My Note 20 does have the ScanSnap app, but within DeX Fujitsu's ScanSnap S1300 is not recognized. On the screen for setup it shows iX1500, iX100, Other; other does not work. Using a laptop having ScanSnap software installed scan to the laptop, then from laptop screen drag the file onto the DeX screen. That file now appears in My Files > Recent Files; thus now on the Note 20. Yes, DeX is impressive.

  14. johnny huego

    I love it. Got the s20 ultra and its faster than most of our work computers 🤣🤣 I have a hub at my desk and one on my 4ktv at home and a hub in my room for my 60 inch. Micro c cord reaches to my nightstand so I can browse and watch movies from my bed. Vidchat on a 80inch 4k TV is AMAZING lol u do have to line the phone up right or use a Webcam but it's still cool if u have family overseas

  15. S.R

    My chromebook is garbage compared to what dex can do. Full access to the playstore and way better files and user interface. Chrome os is dead to me

  16. Crystalchaos

    I love DeX; but I fail to see a good use for the DeX app on PC aside from drag and drop (all I use the app for). DeX shines on its own, not connected via a subpar USB connection (which creates the lag) to a real PC. You are supposed to use it when a PC isn't available via HDMI.over the USB-C port. In order to use it with the app in say…a workplace or a library; you need to be allowed to install the app. Many of these PC's are locked down and connecting external devices or installing apps can get you kicked out or fired.

    DeX can be a great tool for people who want to (and can) minimize their setups. Most people aren't pcmasterrace gamers and live in a web browser or their documents. These aren't demanding tasks and a phone can be enough to cover everything. This setup can also kill your need for a firestick or other media boxes too. Just plug in and plop on the couch. DeX truly makes your phone an ideal all-in-one device; as long as you can live with the limitations of your phone being your only computer.

  17. KaLabs-V

    I just recently bought note10+ and you actually let me realize how to bring out the best of this device! Maximizing its whole potential is really a thing for me… Thanks a lot JC! More pawaaaaah 💪👊🤙

  18. gamerl4g

    Its a very good idea from the devs but like linux on dex theyre gonna dump it too…
    Here goes the easiest way of creating file shortcuts on home screen on android ever😝

  19. Tho MAS

    No one no YouTuber makes a video about the very bad battery consumption of the Galaxy Note 10 plus ? 3 minutes viewing video 3% battery consumption.

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