Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra – Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full and complete comparison between the Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs the Note 20 Ultra.

A lot of people that own that Note 10 Plus are wondering, “do I upgrade to the Note 20 Ultra or not?”, and in this video, you will get a precise answer.

Or maybe you are in the market to decide on which one to buy, again, that question will be answered too.

Let’s dive in.


0:00 Video Intro
0:05 Intro to Note 20 vs Note 10
0:51 Build and Design (Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra)
1:57 Processor and Storage (Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra)
3:10 Dimensions
3:29 Display
4:53 Software
7:02 Camera (Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra)
8:53 Battery (Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra)
9:41 Biometrics and Security
10:06 Pricing
10:36 Conclusion

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 20 Ultra – Full Comparison”

  1. Tisser Monihen

    I just upgraded to a Note 10+ from a Note 8, and so far I absolutely love it. The 20 Ultra is awesome, but the 120hz is only at 1080p and a battery hog from what I hear and it's still just not worth the price right now (8 months later). I paid 550 for my Note 10+ brand new from Microsoft and I feel it's worth every dollar of it.

  2. Ruksana

    I've got the Note 10 plus & I've been waiting for the next Note 21 Ultra to be released. In your humble opinion do you think Samsung will release one this year 2021?

  3. rig

    5G is a dangerous frequency and want No Part of it!
    I'll stick with my 10+ .. besides I'm not someone who chases the dragon anyway!
    I got this after upgrading from my LG4! This will do me for many many years to come!

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