Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review

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In this review I take a deep look at what creative professionals might think of this phone. What is it like to draw, sketch and create art with? How are the new photo and video features and most of all what is it like to use the s-pen on the screen.


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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review”

  1. Fat Boy's Garage

    I really don't mind the Samsung version of Android. I've been using Samsung for the past 6 years, so I guess I'm more accustomed to it. But I get that everybody has a preference.

  2. Vicki k Gibson

    I have this phone and love it too. Like you Brad, I did customize it to work better. That you can make a note with the phone off is great for a reminder note! Also, it has an amazing panoramic mode that you can move around while taking the photo…which I used to illustrate how animals see…like a near 360 shot…Took a lot of memory, but that is easy to fix for print up etc. It turned out fantastic for our Nature display! Anyway, I do love the phone, the screen is amazing…and it lasts all day long..! LOVE IT. Looked a long time for a phone I might want …and spend all that money on…so, I had better LOVE it! Thanks as always for the great reviews for Artists. ! Cheers from Canada. Oh, and the snapping dragons…we have a dragon boating teamed that has that actual name!!LOL

  3. Hosein Bebany

    Pls try to make the video professional & not stupidly funny u r doing forced comedy here (as usual which u do in all of your videos) don't waste yr viewers time & be to the point if u don't know how to act liberal try watching other artists channel u will learn a lot btw 👎

  4. Diavory

    I highly recommend the Note's for digital artists, I've been using a note 5 for 4 years and it still gets the job done, wacom's touch on the pen is amazing~ 👌
    I definetely might get better on new phones tho (?

  5. Sam Shennan

    Thanks for your videos man! I actually bought a note 10 lite and first app to try was that huion drawing app you mentioned. Thanks for what you do, really amazing effort and such great information for young artists!
    You inspired me to start making my own videos with my own experience on the tools to help people.

    What are the upcoming ones you're really excited to play with?

  6. Greg Overholt

    My phone and iPad have both been smashed within the last week. I still have the apple pencil 1st generation. I'm on a relatively strict budget and I'm considering either getting an iPad cellular and using it as my only mobile device or buying the note 9 or note 10 plus using it as my mobile device and my only platform for digital art. Any suggestions or thoughts?

  7. Teen Tails

    If the chin was same as top of the display it would be more expensive then new iphones because of the coast of screen technology that is needed for that.

  8. italkdigital

    Samsungs UI2 is getting better all the time with GoodLuck app its amazing how far you can go customzing everything on your mobile, I use to hate Samsung's UI especially models before the S8 but now it's grown on me and I love it way over simple plain Adroid UI

  9. MidnightMarrow

    Actually Samsung Internet is actually a pretty good browser. I used to always use Chrome but I've switched. Has some nifty features. Can even ad block, which is definitely a plus on a phone because of the extra power and data usage caused by some of these extremely invasive ads.

  10. Ahanu Casey

    I wanted to get a Note, but liked the iPhone's software and such better. I bought a Surface Pro for college, and now I feel less of a need to get a Note, since I can do all my drawing-stuff on it.

  11. Cameron Jung

    Gday Brad. Love your reviews. Just curious as to how you find the weird curved screen edge when it comes to using the pen. I love the tech in this phone and I’ve had a Samsung note many years ago so I’m a fan but….I’ve had a play with this new model in store and initial impression was something along the lines of “the edges have a colour shift” combined with “the pen is going over the edge and no longer inking”. I don’t know how I feel about that, though I’m stoked to have the option to buy a phone I can draw on which I’ve missed. I don’t mind the cost but I’m put off by the first impressions…especially as an IPS guy where the colours reproduce as I’m used to. I recently bought myself an iPad mini and ever since I did, my iPad Pro has laid idle. It’s great….but I’m back on the search again for an android toy that will allow me to do the things Apple won’t let me *cough flash cough webm cough multitasking*. The s6 is a hot contender but also curious about the note with the ability to use DEX it feels like I can have my cake and eat it too when I travel for work. Hope all of that makes sense…

  12. Carva Estúdio

    hey Brad!! thanks for the video, I really wanna know, is it worthy upgrade, if you have a note 9 to the note 10? noticed any big difference in drawing or photo? and you have a iPad to draw, you pick your note 10 to draw sometimes? or mehh, if you have a iPad and Apple Pencil, you don't need the Galaxy notes?

  13. TheWobblyEmily

    even tho you're reviewing it for art you're still a great reviewer. no garbage or trying to sell it just helpful comments for actual people considering it!
    also i bought the normal note cause the note+ IS SO FREAKING HUGE and now i regret it cause there's no space to draw on 🙁 but at least i can use this as an actual phone cause it's smaller

  14. Tub Keej Yaaj

    Someone that ranks airflow at 1?! I've been using airflow for years and not much people recommend it… I don't see why. I love it. It's got everything.. the drawing is smooth. It's got a good UI. Good brushes.. though, I wish I could edit them more. Its NOT free. But for the price, I feel it's worth it. Second I'd recommend is Medibang. Medibangs UI is very weird for me. But I love the options to make folders, it goes more in depth than Artflow. For the price of free too.

  15. Landon Callahan

    Idc about 3.5 mm headphone jack bc i use bluetooth and i dont use my wired headphones when im in bed i only use the earbuds in school bc its easier to hide than a pair of beats

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