Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra first look

Samsung goes with a flat screen on the Note 20, but the Note 20 Ultra retains the trademark curved edges. Both have tiny, tiny bezels. Inside, you’re looking at tons of power. Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest Notes.

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra first look”

  1. Paul Mukherjee

    500 DOLLAR NOTE 20 for 1000 DOLLAR
    700 DOLLAR NOTE 20 ULTRA for 1300 DOLLARS
    S10 Plus is still the best till date with the 3.5 mm jack. I have the Black Ceramic version 512 GB version and I Love that grip and extra weight and its still the King. The Dual Punch hole front camera on S10 plus still looks super sexy and premium. Shame they gave it up just when other brands started including the dual hole punch front camera, such a self goal by Samsung. Samsung is fooling, cheating and looting innocent customers…. Cheap Plastic body, no high refresh rate, no expandable memory SD card on Note 20 at USD 999.00 ??? Low saturation and inferior quality display on Note 20 ULTRA which lacks the crispy bright colors normally found on Amoled displays, no 3.5mm headphone jack, no 45 watt fast charger coming at USD 1300 is absurd. Lower Mah battery with the slower & inferior Exinos chips in most parts of the world. This is a joke from Samsung targeting gullible customers who will fall prey and spend hard earned money on this junk

  2. Coralie Hart

    Just got the note 20
    What a joke plastic back no sd memory no expandable.memory camera lenses does not sit flushed with the back of the photo
    It ooks cheap and nasty

  3. Gatita M

    I don't understand, the Notes App on that phone isn't the same as other note phones? I not tech savy, I thought the apps would be the same & would change/improve with updates 🤔

  4. Daniel Chaux

    I’m happy with my S10 Snapdragon which I actually got cheaper in the UK than the Exynos version which is inferior and pricier! How exactly does that work?

  5. Ryan Ford

    You pay the same premium amount for an inferior version of the phone, Samsung is taking people for fools.They won't be cheating me out of 1400€ that's for sure. I would be happy to pay it, if it came with the Snapdragon 865+, but I guess Samsung prefer to provide Europe with the FAR inferior chip set. You are buying a completely different phone in Europe don't waste your money, 25% to 30% slower, heats up your phone, in a short space of time battery is draining faster, and hinders certian apps on your phone + camera etc etc. Don't be taken for an idiot.

  6. Nathan L

    I watch allot of media on my phone (80-90%) and good diskettes are a most. How does the note 20 ultra fair? Is it stereo? Are they both front facing?

  7. Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill

    I'm glad that the new note 20th is out. I will not be buying it because it's too damm expensive. But I have a question why is Samsung still using the selfie camera at 10 megapixels they have not upgraded it since the Samsung S10 can someone answer the question?

  8. Eldar Value

    Galaxy Note20:

    – Does NOT have IR Sensor

    – Does NOT have Heartrate Sensor

    – Does NOT have headphone jack

    GALAXY Note 4:

    – Does have IR Sensor

    – Does have Heartrate Sensor

    – Does have headphone jack

    Seems that I'll use the note 4 – 4ever.

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