Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra FULL REVIEW – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

This REVIEW of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra answers YOUR questions – from the design, camera and snapdragon vs exynos tests to battery life and whether you should buy it! So is the Note 20 Ultra the best phone you can buy right now? Amazon US: l UK: (Paid Links)

00:00 Intro
00:30 Design
02:02 Note 20U vs Note10+ vs S20U
02:31 Size
03:30 S-Pen
04:07 Display
04:59 Exynos vs Snapdragon
06:36 Note10+ vs Note 20 Ultra
07:07 Flagship chip needed?
07:41 Wireless Dex & Xbox Game Pass
08:41 Camera
12:10 8K Pro Video
13:10 Battery
14:00 Should You Buy It?

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra FULL REVIEW – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap”

  1. The Tech Chap

    Let me know if you have any other Q's about the Note 20 Ultra! 🙂

    (Also at 6:13 I accidentally showed the standard Note 20 price – it's actually $1299 for 128GB Note 20U in the US)

  2. solmyr2

    I wanted this note so bad . too bad for the exynos and shitty graphics card .. Ill pass on this one .. why even make the note lighter than the s20 .. its a freakin note it should be h eavier .. put abigger battery .. battery processor and graphics card sux, its not worth more than 800€

  3. MF f

    Your in-depth review of the Galaxy Note 8 resulted in a lovely relationship between the said phone and I. Absolutely love the Note 8 even till today (3 years it has been).
    It is perhaps time to switch to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra after watching this review.
    Your reviews are fair and informative, and thank you for making them.

  4. Earnist Se

    Only reason exynos is bad is because samsung chooses to use terrible mali graphics and own custom cpu cores , once they get amd graphics onto the exynos and use regular arm cpu cores exynos will be ahead

  5. Toks Osibogun

    Got the 512 GB Mystic Bronze from Samsung direct, it will be my last Samsung phone as long as they keep giving us Exynos, the battery life is bang average and unworthy of a phone at this price point or any point, quite frankly.

  6. tamaboy311

    Is the temporary keyboard imahe retention normal? When left fo a couple of secons open over a grey background, the image stays for lime 2 seconds and fades away.

  7. MrAshishalltheway

    What's wrong with Samsung!!! @thetechchap I booked with the prebook offer to not miss out on any offer. I checked the corporate offer and there was nothing extra for the note 20 ultra. I also bit the bullet despite them cheating us in India with the Exynos because I did like samsung. But days after I received the ultra, they have now dropped the ultra price by INR 6200 from INR 105000 under a corporate offer for which you just need any official emailid. Also they are still giving the bank offer of 9k off as before and also the samsung vouchers (now 7k instead of 10k) but they give the insurance now for free and I had to pay 2k separately for insurance prelaunch.
    This is unbelievable and unacceptable from Samsung. SHAME. Cheating your first buyers like this and ruining your reputation. Not a fan anymore.

  8. Chris Dals

    I used to live in Somerset. I recognise Street, Dunster and Montacute House. Maybe you could take some videos of the coast to show off 4 and 8k video?

  9. Ro A

    I am absolutely sick of the ugly, impractical curved screen and the parred down Note 20 is over priced. Samsung have lost it.

    Note 10 plus user and not upgrading this year. If Samsung carry on with their 2017 curved screens there will be no more Samsung for me. The phones now look and feel like dinosaurs.

    The Note 20 Ultra is even larger! – Wonder what Samsung has planned for next year? Maybe a TV sized 55 inch model with back straps …

  10. Rekha Keer

    Tach chape my not 20 ultra exynose version performed like entry level smartphone in pubg anybody cant tell true all are sell buy Samsung and all youtuber give a paid review the exynose processor worlds worst processor ever i hate Samsung for this all world says please give a snapdragon powerd smarphone and exynose 990 benchmarks shows anything but reality is this is not delivered performance like snapdragon 675 many disadvantage frome exynose versions you can watch whosthemrwoss video exynoae vs snapdragon . And Samsung make again fools

  11. r0beh

    Got mine yesterday after deciding to dump the iPhone 11 pro max. Love the phone but the new OS does take a bit of getting used to after being an iPhone user since they launched.

  12. zerocool

    120hz was good enough upgrade for me but the current battery life is impossibly bad right now on the exynos. I like the look of the camera but cases need to just cut out the lenses and shield the whole glass!

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