Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Real World Camera Test

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has many of the high powered capabilities of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is a great thing — but some refinements, a couple of new pro features, and the S-Pen elevate it to another level. Let’s take the camera out for a couple of shooting sessions, including a socially distant solo photoshoot that is generally only possible on a Galaxy Note!

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Real World Camera Test”

  1. First Last

    You have missed another defect of the camera: when you switch video from your 4k 30 Hz to 4k 60 Hz the resolution becomes too sh!tty for 4k not to notice

  2. Pranzz

    This is the most sensible take on the Note 20 Ultra. I bought this phone on the basis of your video opinion! I wonder why you only have 150K subs. You're grossly underrated! Good luck.

  3. Raiyan Rafi

    Tbh I really love your content! 😭🌸 they are detailed review! Keep up the good work man! Currently using Note 9, wishing to get note 20 ultra in the next several years 😂

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