Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: If you Note, you know

The Note 20 Ultra is here. Is it for you?
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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: If you Note, you know”

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  2. Miss Missy

    Can anyone please tell me WHY the salesman at T Mobile was so insistent on me using 👍.
    I said no, I didn't want that for security but I can't remember how but then I was doing it.
    It took awhile because it wasn't something I wanted to do.
    please help.
    Notebook 20 but not ultra.
    This was Dec 2020.
    I did NOT WANT 5k or 5g, I can't recall the letter. I was told that only 5 available. 4 was incredibly fast.
    I only use my phone for internet search, text, calls, and to receive photos.

  3. Orlando Cartagena

    I got my note 20 ultra for $832.00 because it was open box. Pretty sure it was returned because the charging cable wasn't working but I have a bunch of them at home already so it was no big deal.

  4. Kelvin

    everytime i hear that word "Snap Dragon 865+" It makes me wanna throw my Note 20 Ultra with the Exynoss 990 out the window…

  5. Steve W

    Note20 series has no heart rate or blood oxygen monitor, so you can only measure them for S Health if you have a wearable. Love the phone but when my old S9+ had this functionality it's a major disappointment to spend a grand and lose functionality. Apparent S20 series also affected

  6. Datrebor

    If you pre-ordered the Note 20 Ultra Samsung offered $150. I'm with Spectrum and they gave me $326 for my S9+ making the Ultra less than $1,000. I think its expensive but I love the phone.

  7. Fun Tv

    At 9:53 in this video you said Samsung wants you to use the Note model as a Computer .

    Then Samsung should give atleast one USB port and a headphone Jack .

  8. Azbull 90

    He said about the phone being easily heated up during heavy usage. Try having the exynos version here in Asia. Its even worst. I game alot on my phone and come 15mins into gaming the phone's able to cook egg on it bloody helllllll

  9. Cesar Antonio

    I work in an industry of white-collar people and they all use the Note phones because the pen is very useful for taking notes. A lot of people use the pen in the business world. Especially in sales.

  10. Ashwin Anthony

    Android Anthority is providing false information i saw on the Android Authority website that galaxy note 20 ultra is coming with no earphone inside the box in USA and Canada but it says if we ask the samsung customer care they would provide with a complimentary earphone. When i asked the customer care representative they just denied to give me a one and insisted on saying the phone doesn't come with the pair of akg earphone. I told them I saw it on AA and few other website they said they only rely on the information which is provided on Samsung's website.

  11. Vy Nguyen

    I just got mines yesterday. Upgraded from a note 8.
    get this phone now do not hesitate. This has the most premium feel of any phone I have ever touched.

  12. SK funk

    It's all right for you in the US and markets with the Snapdragon version, here in the UK and Europe, we get the shitty exynos and same generation

  13. Emeka Abu

    I don't know what you people want from Samsung. They give us awesome tech that takes years of research & development but people call it incremental changes or nothing at all. How is: LTPO display, 9 milliseconds latency S-PEN, wireless DEX/windows to any monitor, UFS 3.1, latest wifi & Bluetooth tech, best customizable UI, and a host of other impressive features on a phone not remarkable. Apple can't even compare to Samsung when it comes to phone innovation. Wow! You guys must want a genie with a magic lamp for a phone

  14. Hot Rod

    I heard they didn't use the new Gorilla Glass for the huge camera bump! Is that not the stupidest thing. There was another reviewer saying there phone just fell off the table and cracked the camera glass.

  15. tuckert3ig

    There is no excuse as to why Samsung couldnt put between 5000-6000mAh battery inside thier flagship money maker phone. If people want to spend $1300 on a camera, they would buy a camera and not a Samsung phone. Its so disappointing. Some people who use thier phones heavily would pay for a phone with a larger battery. Asus ROG 2 has a headphone jack, 120hz display, 6.5 inch phone AND 6000mAh battery. S Pen doenst take up that much space at all

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