Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Comparison

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Comparison”

  1. out log

    Note far better choice ? If you s pen person yes but others than that and for daily using ? Is like using the same phone with the different look , lol

  2. Antique Soul

    Much respect and love from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦. Your review easily made my mind to buy Note 20 ultra with clear and simple points to pick what worth the whole value

  3. Sam Khan

    S20 utra is much better….. Battery life also has a plus point. On the other hand note 20 has some advantages which doesn't matter much. And s20 ultra is cheaper so yeah s20

  4. Night Parade

    still s20 ultra for daily usage.. note uses latest chip but only lasts 6-7 hrs of use.. it's a No for me.. when zooming it only reaches 50x while s20 ultra reaches hundred although it's blurry on maximum zoom but still 80x to 90x is still way useful capturing images from far away.. compared to 50x

  5. reviewfor thetube

    I'm sry but the s20 ultrs was more immersive for me because I rendered the more rich saturated colors idk why but the note20 ultra seemed slightly washed out even a few reviews pointed it out with the side by sides I noticed it right away ans why some people aren't bringing it up makes no sense to me thats something we should know about right lol also since the note20 ultrs has more curved edges on the top the screen to body ratio doesn't make a difference when looking at it straight on as some of ths edge is cut off from the note 20 ultra lol just a few things to point out other then that great review

  6. Hector Jaquez

    Note 20 ultra could be better than s20 ultra but is not worth the diference in money that you have to sacrifice to have the note 20 ultra if you have the s20 ultra

  7. two_2_go

    I have the S20 Ultra and HATE it! Heavy, unbalanced and too thick. I pre-ordered, picked up my phone and the the COVID lockdown happened. I couldn't return my phone to AT&T within the 2 week trial period amd Samsung was no help in working with me. I really don't want an iPhone….

  8. Saint Lucky

    Although I own the Note20 Ultra, I would've preferred the display to be taller and narrower like on the S20 Ultra. I'm not a fan of wider displays, b/c they're harder to hold.

  9. Corey Burns

    The s20 ultra is a beast especially performance its so fast!!! Especially with 120hz display and sd 865 the battery is great but standby time is not that good the camera is alot better since the few updates I've got

  10. Random's Favorite Things

    since the NOTE 2 came out the NOTE phone is the only phone i have owned . I admit that i rarely use the S Pen and have never used it to its Max potential , but it's one of those features that when you want it, it is great to have and great to know it is there.

    Today I went grocery shopping and before i left work i used it to jot down a quick grocery list. I havent used my S Pen in probably well over 3 weeks. Honestly to me it is like power windows and power door locks on your car. I cant understand why in the year 2020, its isnt just simply a standard option on all phones. To me, after having it for years and knowing it is is there when i need it, not having it simply is not an option.

  11. Exalia Justice

    Pointless video. It's obvious that the Note20 Ultra will be better than the S20 Ultra in general. The only thing that saves the S20 Ultra is the slightly bigger battery and support for faster 45W charging.

  12. Wilhelm-Bernhard Trometer

    The diffrence betjene the Note 20 Ultra and the S20 Ultra is gone the only exception is the S pen becourse today the S20 Ultra got a big update with UI 2.5 and the camera isues have been fixes i have tryed the auto focus took som pictures and is very fast now and reliable the update is about 1.1 gigabytes this update is out europe you in the USA will also get it very soon.

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