Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test including boot up, apps opening, animations, general scrolling, ram management, 100MP image rendering & browsing. Can Exynos 990 keep up against Apple A13 in real life usage? Lets find out.

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Speed Test!”

  1. Amziani Karim

    IPhone is very expensive very much.People can't buy it Long live Samsung He made a lot of Samsung laptops.Because it's how you like to buyBecause it's how you like to buy samsung

  2. Mike W

    It’s funny bc having both phones- you can tell the clear bias. On applications you couldn’t preload the iphone won. You can tell apps were preloaded on the s20 ultra. Also these videos are obviously bias bc I did the gaming test that the iPhone lost and it won. You had a bunch of applications running in the background on the iPhone? Is that a fair comparison. I have the iPhone 12 pro now tho someone made me come back to this video. Do a cpu benchmark test. Its

  3. ShahzaibxKing

    Note 20 is way more expensive then apple, but still apple gives better performace though. It would be better if samsung comes with snaldragon processor, so I will choose 11 Pro Max😊

  4. just some guy without a mustache

    Even the $500 iphone 11 is faster than the $1300 Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and iphone 11 is 1 year older than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra, Samsung is a joke (not to mention that only the snapdragon variant can almost keep up with the last year iphone the worldwide variant is even slower and it's still $1300)

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