Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Note 10+

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the brand new gem in Samsung’s Note lineup, building upon the already strong foundation established by last year’s Note 10+. But with all the new tech that’s superseding the old one, there’s a lingering question in the air – should you dump your hard-earned cash and upgrade? The answer is not a definitive “yes” in this particular case here, so let’s explore.

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Note 10+”

  1. milk

    Its been a bit since ive gotten a new luxury phone, this helped me decide to go with the Note 10. Thanks so much for the review bud 🙂

  2. NoName

    This is the First Time, I ever hear "8K is useful". Everyone is saying it is unnecessary! Doesn't look good, needs more Light, corps a lot into the Picture, is taking so much space, not stabilized, just a gimmick… And no one needs the zoom, 2x and 3x, maybe 5x are the most Useful…

  3. Miz Rahman

    I got the 12gbram snapdragon version at 256gb with a free case and the headphones from south korea for 1000 dollars. Worth the upgrade, happy with mine


    I love my Note 10+ not gonna upgrade to the 20 Ultra (if it's even an upgrade) but since I'm getting stationed in Korea the one thing I'll be missing out on is the 5G. Korea has probably the best service and connectivity in the world.

  5. X5

    The people who say the 10+ is better than the 20U haven't experienced the 120Hz refresh rate. I just got the Note20 Ultra today and the smoothness is so out of this world, I can't imagine using a smartphone without that feature. I made the right choice by upping my budget for this beauty.

  6. Skye BN

    The backward decision of theirs gives you a reason to lag behind on models. Why spend 1k when you can get note 10 plus today for 600 to 700usd. unless you're already used to a 120hz. note 10 plus is such a good pickup in 2020 if you're due for an upgrade.

  7. juerhe1

    …THANK YOU!!!!!! …please help > where can i buy the Note20Ultra with Snapdragon865Plus in Germany including LTE Band 20???? Which ModelNr. do i have to buy? …and are there any negative aspects if i buy such a "for china" Phone and use it in Europe?

    Which is your best PHOTO & VIDEO Smartphone today? Also if you consider also PRICE & IMAGEQUALITY?

  8. james Armijo

    144 I'm right handed, and I found the power/volume buttons to be 100% cool on the left hand side. I hold my phone in my left hand. Talk, text, scroll with my right hand. When I'm done talking, just press the power button on the left to end my call. Obviously, in times past, Galaxys always been on the right. If I get a Ultra, I will miss the power button on the left.

  9. Cindy

    I currently have the Note 9. Help me out guys, should I go with the Note 10+ or Note 20 Ultra?

    So far I'm leaning towards the 10plus mainly from reading all the reviews but the Mystic Bronze colour is making me want to ignore everything.
    – Also, battery life, some say it's bad, other say it's very good. Is it like the S9 battery ? Because that one was very bad lol

  10. reviewfor thetube

    Did you jyst say the software is the same i mean a snapdragon 865+ is def not the same haha it is absokutely the most powerful Android processor out 10 percent better then even the 865 sure rhe s10+ is incredible still and if you have one yeah I would say probably not to upgrade but still ststing the software is practically the same just is incorrect and spreading flase information love the content as always other then that tbh

  11. Sundar Ramamoorthy

    I desperately wanted to buy ultra note 20, seeing all the reviews on youtube. But in reality ultra note20 lens bump makes it hard to carry and in the pocket is uncomfortable. For that reason I ordered a mint used note 10+, which is way easily handleable.

  12. Femi Omomo

    Don't buy the
    Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 5g.
    Which has the following faults
    1. Canera is inconsistent
    2. Night mode is useless
    3. The finger print reader takes 3 to 4 seconds to read my finger.
    5 The phone constantly locks up, and has to be re booted.
    6. Battery life is a joke 6 hours max.
    7 can't touch with a pen or a finger anything that is on the edge of the screen.
    8 Wireless DEX slowed my P.C down to a crawl.
    9. I received Wireless buds which is nice but the Samsung Wear software is not compatible with Android 6
    10. The Expensive Samsung case will not allow the phone to charge on a Wireless charger. Really annoying in the car, I have to remove the case echtime I get in the car.
    11. I have the Exynos version supplied by o2 in the U.K.
    I look forward to these points being addressed in firmware updates 😀
    I am going back to the note 10 or the new IPhone 12 Max

  13. Terry Gujjar

    Now, my Note 10 plus has received an update of One UI 2.5 and has got all the camera and other features of Note 20 ultra. Wireless dex is also available now.

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