Samsung Galaxy Note 20 VS Huawei P40 Pro – Camera Comparison!

The Ultimate Camera Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Huawei P40 Pro!
Throughout this video you will be able to check out some portrait mode pictures, 5x zoom pictures, Ultra Wide pictures, some night time shots, sample day time and night time videos and of course selfies!
What phone do you prefer?

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Ultra Wide Pictures
2:00 – Zoom Pictures
2:44 – Portrait Mode
4:55 – Night Pictures
6:37 – Sample Videos
11:16 – Selfies
11:57 – Conclusion

25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 VS Huawei P40 Pro – Camera Comparison!”

  1. HotGates

    Great video, Right now I have the galaxy note 10 plus and I want to order the P40 pro plus but what about the saved games progress how would I be able to not lose them with the p40 pro?

  2. Mephisto Pheles

    No surprises there why the U.S is banning Huawei, they were overtaking the market but I guess Apple wants to keep their monopoly, I wonder if they will try to push away Samsung as well.

  3. 칼인오조슈아

    The P40 Pro is great in low light Ultrawide video, while the Main lens is shyte and noisy unlike the Note 20 Ultra. But given the camera defaults to ultrawide in video mode for P40 and it has a much wider field of view for video, the Ultrawide video would definitely be my go to camera view in low light really but also general shooting I guess. In that case I would have wanted to see a difference in low light of P40s Ultra wide vs the Note 20s Main lens since this are the strenghts of both phones in low light. hehe.

    Anyhow, why is that Main lens in the P40 soo noisy?. Big sensor and very noisy video? huh?, are they ever gonna fix that or not?. Its August already and the main lens seems to be useless in low light video to which the Note 20 Ultra with a little bit little sensor still far better than the P40s big sensor.

  4. Amarjeet Singh

    Looka dynamic range at 3.15 its better on note 20.
    Also see edge detection at 2.48 upper nut is blurred by p40 pro.
    Also see detail on hair on note 20 ar 3.22 and over expose on sofa by p40
    Also at 3.10 p40 pro blurred half car in background check
    Detail in shadow is much better on note 20 ar 3.35
    Note 20 properly expose scene at 4.17 look at trees and back side of building
    Image is much clearer on note 20 at 4.24
    Bricks are more detailed at 4.34 on note 20

  5. Charlie F

    In my opinion…

    Video: Note20 definitely, plus the P40 has too much noise at night.

    Daytime pictures: they go back and forth but the Note has better dynamic range while the P40 has better colors for post editing.

    Nighttime picture: P40 has brighter pictures but the Note20 has better dynamic range.

    Selfies: not a fan of either, one makes you look yellowish and the other one makes your skin smooth.

  6. Clout

    Nighttime pictures: P40 Pro.
    Reason: It doesn't f*** up as often as the Note 20. Note 20 keeps making part of the image yellow.

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