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Even if most products get forgotten by the media after their review period, there are a few that stand out. Gadgets that people still ask about months later. Some that we even decide to hold on to as daily drivers, and that we get to see age over time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of them… The king of phablets is almost due for a refresh, so if you’re wondering if it’s still worth buying months later, this video is for you. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and it’s time for another episode of After The Buzz.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 After The Buzz: Still worth it? | Pocketnow


38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 After The Buzz: Still worth it? | Pocketnow”

  1. Luke Deveraux

    I love my Note 8 and Note 9 hasn't impressed me much… And even with the latest news of the 10, still didn't feel like I would upgrade…

    Seems this is gonna stick with me for a long long time…

  2. TheMSG500

    Upgraded from Note 4 to Note 8. Galaxy Note's have always been in a different league to the rest. Best phone in the world, only second to Note 9

  3. Motor City Dre

    I'm watching this video on my Note 8 that I've had since October 2017 & I love it. I have it in a Otterbox Defender so it still looks brand new. I just wish it had stereo speakers & a bigger battery. I haven't had any lag & No problems as of yet. I'm gonna keep it until the Note 10 comes out & it would be cool if Samsung brings back the IR blaster. It was so cool controlling my TV with my Note 5 using the IR blaster. With phones costing almost $1000 they should last longer than 3 years & get annual updates from Sammy. I can't wait until the Note 10 comes out & I hope they put the fingerprint sensor on the front display & keep the headphone jack. I have the Bose Soundsport Free Bluetooth Earbuds so I don't have to hold my phone up to my ear to talk on it. The bass on these are unbelievable ! ! ! BTW I had the Note 5 before I upgraded to the Note 8. I didn't have any problems out of my Note 5, I just wanted a new phone & I'm glad I upgraded. Hopefully when I get the Note 10 it'll last 3 or 4 years or more. Wishful thinking. ?

  4. Bluecolty

    I have the Note9 but man did the note 8 have a beautiful design. Also – how do you not have scratches mate like the edges of mine have quite a few and I even am using a case!

  5. Tyrone M

    I just got rid of my note 3 last year June to get a galaxy s8+. This definitely isnt working for me. Back to the note I go. (Note 8 though)

  6. james Armijo

    I finally got my Note 8 last August. I've been a Galaxy fan for awhile now. There was a time I used a iPhone 4, then an SE. But nothing beats the Galaxy. At one time, I had a Note4. And I think, a Galaxy 3. I can't remember what it was. The reasons why I like Galaxys so much are the features. No phone is perfect, but they must meet the need of the individual. I also had a Galaxy 8 this time last year.
    I like This phone over the iPhone because if I miss a call I won't have to turn my phone on to see if I missed a call or if I have a text message. The flashing green or blue light let me know.
    Also I can set Always on Display when my phone is off. I can set the time according to the time of the seasons. What I mean is now it's dark after 5.00pm. I can set my AoD for 6.00pm and set it to stop display at 6.00am. In the summer, I set it for 8.00pm to 6.00am. Also, I can lay it on my middle partition of my pick up glance over to see what time it is without taking my hands off the steering wheel to check my watch.
    I use a onn slim case to cover my phone. Now I don't have a glass protect cover for the front. I use a plastic type shield to cover my screen. The onn is clear and I like it that way, I can see the back, the color of my phone. At one time in my life, I used to raise livestock, and I never liked to carry my phone in my pocket. I use the Otter Box but now I use the Reiko side holster type with a magnetic flip. The Note 8, for me , is a good phone. And I'm glad I have one.
    Oh yes, on my Gallery app, I like the Album section. And I like the features that lets me write funny or captions on my pictures. I took several pictures and added to my Album and put music to it. The pictures were of my tomatoes and cotton gin jobs. Like a photo album.

  7. B H

    Impossible to use effectively without a case. Rounded screen causes hand to screw up key strokes and functions due to parts of your hand on screen from simply holding device

  8. Mr Comer

    A regular person Is satisfied with the note8 to the fullest. A tech head will not cause we got to have the newest thing popping. I got a G7. It's considered old already.. Not to me.. I'm good with what I have even though I still want the Sony Xz2 premium. Tech reviewers don't even talk about The XZ2 Premium at all.. Like it never I know the price was just to much for my blood.. But yeah last year phones are still good.. Media make it out to be dated when it's not..oh well..can you go back and do a review on The Sony Xz2 premium..?

  9. Jdm262

    After about 7+ years of using iPhone's, I switched to the Note 8 from a iPhone 6S Plus (first android device I've used). And honestly, the more I use it the more I don't like it.
    I originally was very excited to use the S-Pen I thought I would use it a lot, but instead I used it maybe once a week, it isn't as useful as I thought it would be, for me.
    Pictures are okay. Videos are very vibrant and bright but to me, I don't like that. It doesn't look natural, it's all much brighter than what it actually looks like. Some people like that, and some people don't, and I'm one of those people who don't lol.
    It was nice to try something different, but I do miss my 6s Plus. Maybe I need to try other Android phones, it might just be the Note I don't like. I don't know.

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