Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Biggest Problems 6 Months Later!

In this video we talk about the top 5 flaws and problems with the Galaxy Note 8 after the first 6 months. This is still one of the best phones of 2017 and we talk about the best features of the device as well.

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Biggest Problems 6 Months Later!”

  1. James M

    When my Note 8 has Bluetooth enables some Google apps do not work properly. For example Gmail wont sync/receive emails for a while (if not at all unless checked manually) and Google Play apps updates get stuck at the install. Even if not connected to any other Bluetooth devices, just having it turned on causes this issue.

    To make the Gmail app sync again and the Google Play update apps install without any issues I need to deactivate Bluetooth and then clear storage cache/memory with the device care app and reboot the phone. Then everything works as normal.

    I've seen a few posts online about other people having this Gmail sync issue but not sure if they have tried turning off Bluetooth.. Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. Anony Mouse

    As a long time iPhone user I have spent a day trying to fathom why you can't sync notes anywhere else but on Samsung Cloud. Samsung Cloud is not available on any other non Samsung device or accessible via the web so it is basically just a backup. SO if I take a note the only way I can share it is as a picture or PDF or sDOC. Not convenient. Great app, crappy sharing. Googles Keep note is pretty but not as well designed as Samsungs note app. Makes me want to go back to Apple Notes which is a shame as I move form Apple to get (what I thought was) extra functionality. But actually it's a step back.

  3. Ferris Felter.

    My phone isn't as good as I would like it to be. I hung out for this item and have found the battery to be useless plus the screen isn't great as I've seen scratches all over it. Thank you very much for showing us your Note 8. Only wish mine was as good as yours.

  4. Builder

    Skip to 4:00 to get to the part that matches the title of the video…

    And electronic pay in physical stores is only for people who will accept loosing physical money in the near future, where a purely digital currency would give incredible power to a totalitarian government – or one that wants to become one: You can't store a stack of bank notes for emergencies, any fugitive of the system will simply have their digital currency account blocked. If the family of such a person feeds them, the government will be able to find out, block them too etc. But if you lack imagination, you'll probably need to actually experience the next Hitler, Stalin, Churchill with that power in their hands to understand. The issue right now is, that these concepts fly straight over people's heads, they are so caught up in their digital gadget fantasy…

  5. Jonathan Blunt

    So we're not going to address the stupid text message pop up window? I got an update and then it started happening and it wont go off. And the block pop ups option is not the solution.

  6. Wooly the cat

    U must be a blind moron even when u see so many flaws in this device not just its but world over yet u still call it the best.
    I own it n I smashed it twice due to its battery life n finger print scanner issue.
    Its my last Samsung device I'm switching to one plus or mi devices

  7. rezahar

    Hi. Look, when I record videos of people's faces in daylight, it seems good, but later when I review them, I see black dots all over the person's face, as if his face is full of pores and dots. It must be because of dual camera or one of the enhancement features on it, for I do not have that issue with my note 5. I will be thankful if you know, and tell me how to fix it. If necessary, give me a Telegram or Whatsapp ID, so I send samples. My Telegram is @rezahar

  8. John Stockwell Major Smedley Butler

    Glitched out POS how the fuck can you love this hunk of shit?
    Wtf do you do with it? Play games, and watch porn?
    Graphics soft sucks. Idk wtf dual edge is for?bezels? Who gives a fuck? Are you getting paid?
    Google earth stalls out, settings get randomly changed. This phone is total crap ui. So basically you use it for bullshit?

  9. zermomia

    My only issue is i don't have a note 8 , knowing i owned the serie from 1 to 5 then price rising issue combined with new other brands powerful models tear me apart of it…..wait until price drop? I don't think , better are around the corner.

  10. XDKX101

    Ive had the Note 8 for a month now and I think so far the only problem Ive had was that the back glass is not oleophobic coated which results in smudging really easily. I hate having cases on but the display and camera glass are perfect, no fingerprints on them easily. The back however is really hard to even wipe clean. The pen and the features are really polished up, you can see the incremental fixes Samsung has done over the years, the UI, software all that is very top notch and stable

    Its a pretty good phone, the display is just insane and the speakers are pretty good too. Louder than my HTC 10s but I've got both fully customed out in terms of audio and the HTC has far superior headphone audio quality

  11. Salan Ismail

    i put my note 8 on ultra power mode and now when i try to put the directional passcode it just goes back to lock screen. i need to get in because i have some non backed up info, what should i do?

  12. Majestic77

    There is so much to learn about the Note 8. Open the camera app, then toggle the capture button up to zoom in and down to zoom out. Amazing phone, and pictures are crisp. There is even slow motion video recording.

  13. bad65dad

    You know how to enable on screen swipe you swipe down anywhere on the screen in the setting. My pen works fine since launch 7 months. I use Samsung everywhere from IL to New York and DC it doesn't work at self checkouts like Wal-Mart.


    Recently we changed our carrie after too many years with Verizon – and rewarded ourselves with the Note 8 for each of us. However, I misplaced my stylish somewhere in our home. As I walk out our front door – the cell states to replace. Is there a way – using my cell to locate? Tired of seeing that little pencil as well. And which clip on case do you prefer? We had life proof cases on our last Samsung Galaxy – cells were like brand new – however, and update recently wiped everything out – Question – is the new technology & old technology not preforming together – – forcing the consumer to purchase new cell phones anyway? If that is the case, a lawsuit should be started – foul –

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