Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is here and it’s trying to erase the memory of what happened with the Note 7 last year. By all accounts, the Note 8 is one of the best phones you can get right now, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Can it pick up the ball the Note 7 dropped?Subscribe:

Here’s a link to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review”

  1. wlsdn0128

    I like what the verge have done for this review concept! Expecting another good one for Note9 as well! =) This guy reviews better than another guy from this channel.

  2. Oreo Gopal

    It’s the worst phone ever. I was a huge fan of Samsung for 6 years since I shifted from iPhone 4 s to Samsung s5,s6,s7 and the last note 8. But this is the worst phone I ever bought. The reason as follows:

    1. Phone overheated- got the phone replaced.
    2. Phone microphone blow up. They replaced the phone.
    3. Multi tasking: if you play Youtube and google map together. You will get the answer.
    4. Again issues with the speaker. Finally I had enough and brought a new phone. Any guesses…. the fruit company …..

  3. ROBERT P.

    Samsung note 8 is good phone except couple things. first the Bixby physical button is terrible, i wish i could convert to google assist. second the phone is over long and narrow. When we say Note, it should be little be wider than usual s8.

  4. Tumee

    Using note8 for more than 6 month or so and absolutelly love it. I have been an dedicated Iphone user for 12 years then I changed my iPhone to a Samsung note 5 due to work! First experience was great then I was waiting for note7 and we all know what happened. Kept my note5 waited note8. I am glad you all bring back the note phones and made it way way better. Only downside is battery. It is not horrible but I guess I use more than others, I watch allot, surface net allot and AKG headphones are so confy but using note8 with the galaxy watch and every other device is battery draining. Other than that you all made a fantastic phone and pls keep up the good work.I will be seriously interested in a NoteX!!!

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